Jimmy Savile

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I was born and bred in Leeds and still live there and have always lived around the North and East side. JS had the infamous flat overlooking Roundhay Park as one of his residences and it was where he used to hold court with police officers in the 'Friday Club'. One of them was his 'driver' after he (the senior officer) retired and lived very close to a relative of mine. He was very proud of this, less so when he became the subject of post-Savile investigations! So, Savile was always a local fixture in one form or another. He was known for being a 'regular' at certain north Leeds restaurants and blagging free meals, using his status.

In the early 1980s, when I was about 12, I was walking up a local road. It was a Sunday and quiet. Jimmy Savile then jogged past me, smiled and waved. I was quite surprised and, when I got home, was telling my mum. She stopped me in my tracks and said, 'Never, ever go near that man!' I asked why not and she proceeded to tell me that when she was at school, aged 14, her classmate was going off to 'see' JS from school, when he was DJing at the Mecca Locarno in Leeds. She claimed to be his 'girlfriend'. She didn't finish her education and disappeared from school. When my mum asked the girl's mum where she was (they were local), her mum said she had 'gone to Scotland to live with her gran.' Back then (late 1950s), this was code for a teenage pregnancy. Mum is convinced he got this girl pregnant (she was definitely 'involved' with him) and thought he was a creep back then.

Of course, this was back in the day when older men leering over young teens wasn't regarded in quite the same way as it is now. It appears that nobody did anything about it at the time, nor was particularly interested. I never realized how much my mum detested JS until that point. My point is that people did know what a perv he was long before all the stories went viral but it was kept within the realms of local gossip. Mum has stuck to the same story ever since. Good job I never asked to write to Jim'll Fix It, which was peak viewing around that time. Mind you, I never really took to him, so wasn't particularly inclined!
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