Jimmy Savile

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Well done. Please can we discuss how the previously adored Louis Theroux was a complete cock about the documentary. Of course he fucking knew and used it to make good telly / further his career. Twat.
I've recently rewatched the 2nd documentary, it was clear he knew and that Saville nearly goaded people into challenge his behaviour. Talk about hiding in plain sight.
But LT has a certain style, he behaved the same way to Paul Daniels and the Orwell guy.


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As a young child I thought Jim’s Fix It was magic, I even wrote in. But the older I got the creepier and weird JS seemed. I was absolutely shocked when the story broke at how much he was allowed to get away with without anyone doing anything. From hospitals, care homes, Broadmoor, BBC... it’s astonishing.


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JS really is repugnant, he makes me shudder just looking at him.

There's a new documentary about JS on Discovery but it requires a membership unfortuntely. It's actually scary how cocky he became, he was dropping hints all over the place. He said on Theroux documentary: "I am feared in every girl's school". I imagine it's because he knew he could get away with it. I used to read Exaro back in the day and I know some claims they made about others have been debunked i.e Carl beech, but they were saying he was procuring children for elite paedophile rings.
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I always wanted to go on Jim’ll Fix It as a young child, but then when I was about ten he suddenly started giving me the creeps. He was always very handsy with pre teen girls on the show, and it made me uncomfortable.

There is a good book about him called ‘In Plain Sight’ if anyone is interested. I firmly believe everyone knew what he was. Years ago when I posted on DS people knew. We used to call him Mr Fix It on the blind gossip thread. Also when he did Celeb Big Brother someone claimed they heard George Galloway say about Savile ‘there’s stuff about him that won’t come out until he’s dead’ on the live feed late one night.


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What was the creepy weirdness with his mother, someone alluded to it on secret goss, I know he kept her clothes and called her the duchess from the LT doc, anything else?
Jimmy was very close to his mum an called her The Duchess. After she died he kept her body laid out on the bed in his flat in Scarborough until her funeral. He never denied it and said he ‘finally had her all to himself’. He kept all her clothes in the wardrobe and had them dry cleaned once a year, he told Louis this.

The implication is obvious I’m sure you’ll agree 🤢
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