Jim Chapman - Single and ready to mingle, dying to jump out the closet


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Crazy that Jim is hoovering up all these ads with such a smal real following. He pops up advertising EDF energy quite alot. (Them behind all the nuclear power stations)

Brands are totally being done over by gleam.

His amex ad on Instagram got 21 comments. There's not even any actual content anymore, just a string of adverts.

I see eco warrior ethical Jim went to the Maldives to promote the Google phone 🙄 that Netflix AD about saving the rainforest with that holiday to Borneo really left a lasting impact.
It’s weird how he’s been on screen more than tanya who is the “actress”


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I just can’t get over it. They moved in at 6 months. Weird how he tags her in EVERYTHING. It’s always “@sarahtarleton”, like he’s trying to get her followers. Maybe it’s just me but how can Tanya be ok with that after years of being together then marriage??
She just can’t be okay with it. Also, the way they’re saying ‘we’re still best friends’ like ??? The whole situation is just weird !! Idk why it angers me so much but I just feel so devastated for Tanya :(


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She just can’t be okay with it. Also, the way they’re saying ‘we’re still best friends’ like ??? The whole situation is just weird !! Idk why it angers me so much but I just feel so devastated for Tanya :(
As much as I can see why of should be easy to feel sorry for Tanya, the way she appeared to be so checked out of the marriage way before the separation was announced, and her friendliness with that Rhys chav meant I couldn't feel sorry for her.

For me, she was terrible then, and Jim is vomit inducing now. They're as bad as each other quite honestly.

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I don't know what Jim's situation was before Tanya back in the day, but maybe he's just the serial monogamist type. Thrives off of having someone to be attached too. Had to fill the void as soon as Tanya left and wanted to slide back into "dedicated partner" mode, because that's all he knows.

...I still think it's dumb af that they moved in together so quickly though lol

PS: I know it's been said, but too bad Zoe wasn't single when Tanya and Jim broke up. I would have lived to see those two get together since they're so desperate to be settled down (and it would have made so much #drama haha)
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I still don't buy his nice guy act as he was a catty little bitch to Tanya for a long time (just like his pixiwoo sisters). He seemed to really resent that she was way more successful. Jim often only gets 20 comments on his posts.

He's never really been on his own has he? Dating Tanya as a teen then broke up and moved on seemingly to an insta model wannabe in weeks. Tanya is better without him, I think he fed her delusions while also laughing at her.

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      It’s final day of the 2010’s and it’s got me thinking: I feel so incredibly lucky to do what I do for a living - I’ve travelled the world, sold out venues and worked on the most incredible projects. But it’s taken me the better part of this decade to realise that my marker of success is not followers or belongings or money. Of course all that stuff helps to make life a little easier and i don’t take it for granted, but the single-minded pursuit of them can leave you lonely. For me, success is found in the people around me.

      2019 has been the most challenging year of my adult life - my marriage ended, I’ve questioned pretty much every decision I’ve made. I moved out of my home and had to find a new place as quickly as possible. It all threw me off-balance.

      But I met Sarah and fell for her, head over heels. Now, not only is my balance restored, but I’ve found myself heading in a totally different direction and I can’t wait to start this decade by her side.

      Happy new year, everyone x (Photo by @kirktruman)
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