Jessica Wright #5 Vis hates Disney, his clothes are bad taste. Because mummy went from Giovanni to Ham face

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I know it’s been said before but rewatching towie And Jess and carol were absolutely vile to Lauren.
Jess’s face pulling at the engagement party at Lauren wearing a white dress when Jess is wearing a white dress. Just a little witch
It was actually creepy to me how jealous pat, carol and Jess were of mark and Lauren being together and living together and stuff. I bet they don't treat Michelle like that though.
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It's such a weird controlling mentality isn't it. Crossing so many boundaries.
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Yes and saint nanny Pat was the biggest shitstirrer of all bunch of witches. My mil is like carol but at least only of of her- not all the females in the family even the cousin Leah was roped in to the bitching sessions 🙈🙈
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