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I just wish she would look after herself better. I’ve always been ‘bigger’ but never been happy. My size was creeping up and up and I thought enough is enough and made a change and feel so much better for it. The crap food she eats must make her feel awful and no wonder she is tired and napping so then can’t sleep at night. She did say yesterday or whenever that the only relationship her and Millie have is in the sofa.. what a life.
It made me kind of sad to read that, I mean who doesn’t love a lazy day on the couch watching Netflix and eating cookies, but every bloody Day/night! What kind of life is that? All they do is sit on the couch or go out and get pissed! They never go out any where else, and seem to live in this weird teenage/student bubble!


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She sends it back. Asos are clamping down on this behaviour because many 'influencers' do it. They dont realise they are making money by basically getting asos clothes for free on their buy now pay later, dancing around and getting them full of sweat then making money by adding swipe ups to everything they have already returned.
I think its brilliant if they are clamping down on this. Who wants to buy an outfit after some unwashed stinky person has been trying it all on


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You should never lose that spark even after 10 years 🤷‍♀️
No but I'm sure alot of couples aren't as sexually active now as they where 10 years ago. I'm bloody knackered most of the time, although to be fair she does fuck all so that shouldn't be a problem 🤣🤣

I do feel she has reached a bit of a low. The filthy hair, food in her teeth and now the spot popping and egg all over her top and just being a bit of a minger. Paul always seems pretty clean doesnt he 🤔


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In general I do hope Jess is OK, however, I also hope she gets her shit together. It's not a sustainable lifestyle, and I feel like she is wedged in a rut. I think or get the feeling she is unhappy (I can see rather a lot of myself in Jess) with her size and I hope she can maybe step back from Instagram, and stop chasing a hollow dream.


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Right there really has to be something wrong mental health wise - don't get me wrong we are all entitled to a lazy day but this is on another level lately. Surely a nice hot shower wash that bloody hair and get on some clean clothes. Get out for a some fresh air and then home to give the house a well needed blitz including that minging oven. Poor Millie would probably collapse if he came home to a clean house and wife. Seriously though she must reek I've been absolutely dying sick last few days and haven't been able to shower and I felt (and smelt!!) minging. I was well enough to get into the shower last night and god I felt like a new woman after it .

I just don't understand what her excuse is -she only works three days, rarely goes anywhere has no hobbies as far as I can see and has no kids what could she possibly be so tired and lazy from ?


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She is going out the night so must be off tomo as well. She is probably working Saturday this week. She must make alot of dollar on insta as she is out every single week.


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When she first started her IG she worked full time. She's had a few jobs since then and I think her current job is the job she originally had when she started her account but now she's P/T and not F/T.

She is always taking naps etc too when she does get in from work, it's crazy how much she sleeps. I think it's clear she needs more of a formal routine so that's she's not just slobbing about the house for days on end.

I actually do like her, she seems like a nice girl and like she would be a good laugh but lately the "content" has been.... a bit depressing!


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I honestly think jess is depressed. I have depression and when im on a down i sleep all the time, dont get out of bed, eat really badly, dont brush my hair and basically dont give a shit about myself. I hope if she is she seeks out some help
I agree. Mainly because i see myself in her. Im struggling badly with my depression and i see signs of it in her. I too, am overly trying to be funny when around others to hide how i really feel