Jennifer Lawrence

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Is denying she slept with Harvey Weinstein. But she was hanging around with him and traveling with him when she was a nobody, didn't speak up against him and has seem to have been cast in alot of movies:unsure::unsure::unsure:
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Please correct me if I'm wrong. But I always thought it was strange how she came from a nobody to a somebody. Almost overnight she won an Oscar, wearing Dior and before that - I never heard of her. Anyone else notices this?
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Not related to this but I’ve heard from more than one person who interview celebrities for a living that she is the rudest they have come across. Kind of a shame, I always quite enjoyed her public persona...
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I'm not going to criticise her if she did sleep with him or not come forward...she was only like 17/18 during Winter's Bone so could've easily been manipulated, like I'm sure a lot of actresses are (or were before the #MeToo stuff came about). I wouldn't be surprised if its just hearsay with him being all 'I slept with ___, look at her career!' as its a good way to manipulate someone. Wasn't Winter's Bone an indie movie so not sure if he would've even done much in terms of funding/promoting it? (As that was kind of her big break)

I do side eye her for constantly hanging out with him before though...I mean there's been rumours about him for years and I always got a sleazy vibe from him.
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Not sure how that equates to sleeping with him lol
The casting couch isn't a myth, every week hundreds of beautiful and talented people move to Hollywood only to find out they aren't anything special. You have to do something to get ahead.

We will never know if she did, but her staying silent about it all and hanging out with him before she was famous and he was known for being vile makes people understandably suspicious.
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Just watched this, confirms alot about how quickly jlaw rose to fame and got an Oscar. Also why she seemed so petrified that she forgot to thank Weinstein during her speach and was desperate to try to thank him during the rest of the night.

I have ALWAYS thought it was so weird how she blew up almost overnight as well. For the shortest span of time I thought she seemed kind of relatable, and then I found her to be SO obnoxious, almost lording her wins at anything over everyone. Her success went to her head really quick and I think she seems rude as hell. I like to think my perceptions are pretty accurate about people and I just don't get a gut feeling that she's a good person.

I wouldn't doubt questionable things happened to get her to where she's at. She's not a bad actress by any means ( not that I care for the projects she's done lately) but that amount of success should take more work and years of trying than that. Even for VERY talented people.
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