Jamie Genevieve #4 Brand of thieves, Jacks a heave, some prods gifted inc the weave

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The only videos I watch of hers are the Vlogs. Her make up tutorial looks are all a bit samey to me, so if she does stop weekly vlogs, I dont think I will watch her anymore tbh!
I also only really watch the vlogs, I'll selectively pick out some other ones if it sounds like something that appeals to me but watch virtually none of her makeup ones. I don't keep up weekly anyway I tend to watch a load all at once when I go for a bath, I'd be happy if she lessened the frequency to maybe monthly & you got better content.

I used to really fancy him before the beard and before all the fake influencer stuff 😅😂
Me too, he seemed really nice before, but it's all a bit cringe now. I could never date someone who went out with their shirt that open either.

The hashtag he’s used though… #mensfashion 🥴😅

Jamie Genevieve #5: Stop trying to make Jack happen… he’s not going to happen 🤣
See him tagging in Zara men & h&m too. Is this what it's like to watch an influencer in the making grinding at the start to get somewhere?


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I work a minimum wage job and moan that im tired and want a holiday. Its not that deep wat shes saying bit dramatic lol
Yeah this is exactly my frustration with her most of the time! She is literally living her dream just now and still complains about being tired, not getting a luxury holiday etc. The Jamie back then would never have even imagined she’d have the lifestyle and opportunities she’s got today but it does feel like she loses touch with reality a lot.


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Whilst I understand that there is bound to be a significant reach purely based on her,and the reputation that goes alongside, means it may well be an "easy"sell initially,when comes to make up products and the launch of VIEVE, etc. . . I am genuinely SHOCKED to learn that VIEVE has been as prosperous as it appears to be, I mean the place in London, can't be cheap, its main road too,not one of those that pay less,as their HQ is furthest away from the hype and Buzz of the centre, without actually being out of London, but still, it's coin.to learn that now VIEVE is as prosperous as it would seem to be,is just honestly surprising.my bad,but to be able to plan and afford to not only push for a pop up up in Glasgow, but to launch an actual Flagship store in Glasgow and in the Shopping center of PRINcESS SQuARE particularly is another level.really , despite so much closure within the high st the UK over, unless there is a huge drive and plan to do something different I don't see how that won't prevail for a business as VIEVE,I mean be it the entire experience has to change for the high st to ever come close to working,to engage ans encourage shoppers to come into the town or city centre in first place surely has to be "an experience" a day out type thing, be it restaurant and perhaps a qualified childcare creshe, or VIEVE to come alongside a salon for everything from hair to nails tan brows,and maybe even along side SONY or CANNON or more apt. Apple where you can have the images etc for insta with an actual photobooth alongside actual make up artists within using the products on an individual who can pay,and then .aybe some fun insta worthy interior something different,like full on flower wall and everything PiNK, to be the Inspo like the place London, and incorporate it to the high gh at where you maybe have cocktails with friends too it needs these businesses,albeit competitors, but need cohesion and a sense of working fluently together, for it to work. But clearly,who am I??☺ There is something I don't know,and it must come down to her bank acc and the numbers,of it works it works I guess but found it strange that it would add up to such a huge plan,to actually open another place in Glasgow as she is .

I agree.

Yeh I’m happy they have got their holiday. Must be shit to not get the honeymoon they had planned. I like that she is asking followers on her latest YouTube what they would like. If you haven’t watched yet then she is basically saying do you want me to keep going with weekly vlogs, or vlogs here and there etc.
Who cares about her honeymoon? Her life has been free holiday after free holiday. She'll be whinging immediately about something
else after coming back from this one.
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Insta is messing up for me and it keeps repeating Jamie’s story over and over. I’ve seen that picture of her in the pool enough times to last me a lifetime 😂😂
Luckily I have the opposite and it’s just refusing to show me peoples stories and pictures and won’t load them hahaha glad I don’t have to see it again
Now this all makes sense! I was looking at her previous posts thinking the hotel looked like a standard chain hotel that very much didn’t give me Jamie vibes for a holiday, but now that I know it was free it’s all clicked into place 😂 here’s me thinking they must be strapped for cash not going for their usual boujie villa with a private pool! 😂


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Yeah same! I was thinking it didn’t look as glam as their usual style of hotel but thought they maybe just fancied a wee cheap week in the sun 😂😂😂 makes perfect sense now that it’s a wee freebie! I know it’s a common theme on here but someone needs to stop Jack…he looks so cringe in his insta posts. I don’t think I could fancy my man anymore if he was posting shit like that 😂😂😂


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Jamie loves a freebie. She would post a story about needing a teaspoon in the hope of getting a whole dining set for free.
I used to love her so much & I still like her alot so it pains me to agree that this has become so apparant to me too. It's so obvious when it happens now, that something is either being discussed in the hope of at least getting it for free, or even better, being paid to talk about the thing she already wanted in addition to getting it for free.

Or hints in the lead up to a paid partnership so we might actually be suckered into thinking she likes the thing & it isn't just a job. I used to believe that she wouldn't talk about things she genuinely didn't rate, and a small bit of me still thinks if she thought something was shite she'd maybe tell us (how unconvinced do I sound as I type this 😂 - when was the last time Jamie told us anything wasn't great?)

I think she has so much money & gets so much for free that it's nothing for her to try a product, think it's fine enough to not slate but never return to again because there are so many products out there. I'd like to know if she'd spend her own money replenishing a product for herself, I know there are some things, but they seem in the minority.


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We’re they definitely gifted that holiday? I did find it a little odd that they went there as it didn’t seem very ‘Jamie’


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We’re they definitely gifted that holiday? I did find it a little odd that they went there as it didn’t seem very ‘Jamie’
I just saw that she put *PR gift on a photo when talking about the hotel, so I'm maybe putting 2+2 and getting 5, that being said, at least part of it was free!


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Yeah and she’s taken quite a few pics of the hotel and it’s grounds and the food etc which look very “AD” ish to me. I feel like if it was a holiday they’d paid for she would’ve skipped the vlog and took time off uploading anything as she’s been bleating on about wanting a holiday for so long!
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