James Kavanagh

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The clubs he goes to are walking with drugs. Remember the girl that died in Twisted pepper a few years ago. All sorts of stories came out at the time about the place. I was in college with someone who worked for twisted pepper and they were all over Facebook at the time saying it was all lies.
OMG no way


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Does he even know how to properly DJ? The amount of DJs who have been out of work for a year and a half due to Covid and Church pays him to DJ for the PR

Puddle Duck

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They have an open relationship alright, but James is maaaaad for the snow. Been at a couple of after parties with his lot and it's like an ad for Head and Shoulders! All the while with ring lights and selfies.
Really. Here was me thinking that there would be a wedding soon.


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William seems like such a great guy, very well read and intelligent. I would love to have a friend like him, he seems to have lots of close female friends.

If they are in an open relationship thats cool but I find it a little sad that James would allow it on social media like that, it cant be easy for William to see it.

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Open relationships are incredibly common with gay men. Here are a couple articles if you would like to better understand the dynamics.

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