James Kavanagh

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Breaking news on stories….THEY’RE STILL TOGETHER! 😍
Deadly! I was just reading recent comments and was about to post that James had been hamming up the whole him and Stefan thing too much, and that maybe he's been reading here and was taking the piss out of everyone! I'm glad they're still together though, they've always seemed like a great couple. I know people commenting here about them potentially being finished was mainly out of concern, but it did get me thinking how much I would hate my relationship to be under a microscope like that. And James is a relatively small player in the game... imagine being properly famous! The insta hun/sleb life would never be for me.


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Love that James has all his instahuns around to the house and William’s away to Galway, he clearly has no time for that friendship group 🤣


They haven’t!
If it is true I'm a bit gutted for them both really! They seemed to be polar opposites but that worked really well. Obviously there's the whole Currabinny thing too - isn't there still a column in the.... Indo? And wasnt there some idea way back to open a Cafe? Either way I'm sorry they've broken up if true
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