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William on holiday without James. Looks like they have split
Maybe they just went on separate holidays. They did loads of staycations and stuff already this year. I think if they have a healthy relationship they don’t need to holiday together all the time. I’m sure William has his own friends that aren’t as wild as James’s friends. Also they couldn’t both go bcoz of the Currabinny event was on.
Saw James posts in Italy without William, then he was in London now he's in Kerry with Stefan again and William is in Sligo! I swear I saw a post with William though about 2 days before James went to Italy. Ah noooooooo If they split but maybe they so cool with each other they don't have to hang out 24/7


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I kind of get the feeling William should have been at the Currabinny thing too as he posted a few days ago about having to cancel his reservation at a restaurant in Cork later this week. I dunno, Currabinny always seemed to be both of them which is why it seemed strange James was on his own. Although they have always socialised separately. I think they complement each other well, it would be a shame if they’ve split.


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The pandemic has seen a lot of relationships end.
If it is true I'm a bit gutted for them both really! They seemed to be polar opposites but that worked really well. Obviously there's the whole Currabinny thing too - isn't there still a column in the.... Indo? And wasnt there some idea way back to open a Cafe? Either way I'm sorry they've broken up if true


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It’d be awkward for their housemate too. She was in James’ stories yesterday and was away with William last week. She seems to be more William’s friend


They (Stefan and James) were on a “D8” according to James’ Instagram. Wonder what it means for Currabinny — I always felt William was doing most of the work with the recipes etc and the newspaper gig was centred around the two of them. The book is gorgeous—the brand could have run for years and years.

if they have split, I kinda feel like James traded down. William’s definitely got a lot more going for him


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His sister just commented saying ‘that’s not William’ but a friend commented saying ‘it’s out’ with a love heart. Possibly meaning the new relationship is out?
His sister’s comment seems like a pisstake “That’s not William TM” as if he’s being asked all the time if they’re over.

I know he’s addressed it before when they haven’t posted together for a long time and people thought they’d split, I think it was when James was at Ballymaloe that time? I’m so nosey, I just wanna know 😂
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