Jake Quickenden & Sophie Church #2 He’d set fire to his gran to make content for the Gram

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Yeah it would be interesting to know if he even acknowledges anyone who reaches out to him because they’re struggling or thanks people if they send him a lovely message or does he only seek out trolls or people like poor @BaggyBertha who he perceives to be trolling him☹ I remember he called out someone just after Leo was born & he did say a lot of their previous messages had been nice but obviously because they never got a reply they sent a nasty message, I think that speaks volumes, he never noticed them when they sent the nice but noticed as soon as it was nasty🤷🏼‍♀️
The worse one was a few weeks ago whe
Has it completely fallen out of the charts now ……
My heart bleeds for the twunt!!!!!!

How has sophie gone from 200k followers down to 190k already?!
Because every time he blocks someone she has to block them too!
I know , I’m a person of blockage lol

Jac In The Box

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He's even out strawberry picking without his shirt on! He so loves himself!!
That poor baby, being trundled about & held forward facing as always, he looks so uncomfortable!
Are they really both so stupid that they can't tell by his poor little face 😔
I think the strawberry picking has been a pre-record because she posted it at the same time he posted he was playing tennis & she has now deleted the videos on her story🙄
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