Jack Monroe #509 The Silence of the Scams.

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Found myself balls deep in that frightful Mrs Gloss FB group last night (terrifying). How is this the face/caption of someone who doesn’t like attention? Also, I saw it so now you have to too. The arrogance! Queen Debbie Harry should not be mentioned in the same breath as guest.

I also borderline strained my sphincter beyond repair at the thought of her doing the hair, makeup, and doing multiple O faces in front of the tripod.

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OH MY GOD if she was made out of chocolate she would pure eat herself! I mean tbf she does look much better than usual there but Debbie HARRY? Debbie does Dallas more like ( one for the older fraus and herrs there 🧓👵)
She looks like she is mid-unsatisfactory orgasm here.
Definitely a faker shaker going on 🤪
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Amazing instagram account of a smoller than smol manic pixie dream girl which you may enjoy

In a similar vein, thank you to whoever told us all to follow Delaney Rowe on insta. 'Girl who's convinced you're obsessed with her'. Strong guest energy.
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I used to live in a village with 5 pubs, the women drank barley wine, and if you asked for a normal type beer/lager as opposed to strong, they used to say 'little boys beer'
Oh god I LOVE barley wine.

I would be dead by 40 if I lived in Belgium.
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Thanks for posting this and reminding us of the bleeping AUDACITY. I won't start me-railing about the pandemic as it will set everyone else off but wtf. In what way was she 'giving her work away for free'? In what way was her content so valuable that it had be be propped up by donations without any extra content provided in compensation? In what way was it 'her turn' to be subsidised when there were people being made homeless and desperate? Ffs. Monetise your 'free' content appropriately and then if you choose, provide extra content that people want to pay for. Even in 2020, it was a well trodden path.

Not to mention the fact that the pandemic was another opportunity she was too inert to exploit. Jeez, Joe Wicks made thousands doing absolute billy-basic jumping jacks in front of his iPhone but no, Jack couldn't POSSIBLY pick up a spatula without a full studio and crew of flunkies 🙄🙄🙄

I'll stop now as you know all of this and I'm just ranting (I've moved onto Mojitos 😆)
YES! THIS! With big clanging bells on!
We all did stuff to help each other, from the unknown to the really famous - and all FREE,
because of the 'we're all in this together' feeling.
The pandemic showed that there are a lot more compassionate people out there than you'd think, willing to help those who need the help.
What did *she* do? Begged for money. Charming, isn't it.😡
Sorry for the rant, just when I think I am over her grifting ways something else sets me off.
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It hasn't always been, I think it's a recent-ish thing. For REASONS (that I can't remember). 🥰
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I was mithering about her newspaper thingy where she was going to take families shopping, and how affronted she was when it was suggested she was pitching the idea. They asked her alright haterz?

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But surprise surprise 😂

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I just don’t know if there’s enough duck OFF in the world for this.

I went to visit Ma Aeroplane as she’s a bit poorly. Southend is not in a good way. Well, the well-off bits of it are. But the bit we come from isn’t. I’m very sad and feeling a bit hollow this evening because I’ve been to a neighbourhood that’s unfortunately a lot more of a shithole than it was when I grew up there. Even then it was when I left there. From a visitor’s perspective - albeit a visitor who’s very attached - the already deprived bits of the town are being left to rot. The gaps between rich and poor areas have always been noticeable but they’re not gaps any more, they’re canyons. The kids are being failed (I’m too upset/angry/frustrated to go into this rn; need to collect thoughts more before posting about it if I do - but I’m so horrified at it, and not in a Socrates “children are bad mannered” and they always have been, sort of way) and I’m scared for their futures. Old poor people are frail and vulnerable and struggling to get the help they’re entitled to. duck off Jack Monroe, you have no bleeping idea about poverty, you do nothing to help poor people, you take up space and lie and lie and lie.
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