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Have fallen down the rabbit hole of this other mystery forum. They chatted about Radio 4 making a series about Jack’s life and about how she was advertising something on Eurosport (lol). But anyway, this comment took me back to the heady days of thread ~10, where we discussed the exact same twattishness.

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OT but the yahoo messenger grin emoji in that shot has taken me right back!


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How can she not know how many cats she’s had. I’ve had cats since the year after moved into the flat I’m in just now, that’s 23 years, a lot more cats than her and I know how many I’ve had.

That’s just weird. When you lose an animal for whatever reason you don’t forget it either. I’ve had cats all my life, when I was living with my mum, I remember them as well. She can’t even remember a cat she had 8 years ago. She’s an absolute rocket. A roaster.

From recollection she’s only had her current cat about 4 years, if that.


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When the new (excellently named) thread gets off to such an amazing start. Where the FUCK are Harriet and Miliband? Whose cats WERE they?
I’m pretty sure at some point there have been ferrets, Guinea pigs, and something else down the line, oh and maybe rabbits? The narc in my life (now no contact) does the exact same thing with animals. You forget what animals they’ve had after a while. With a narcissist, everything on earth serves only one purpose, to soothe and appease them and their self obsession.
Did anyone else watch Girl, Interrupted as a young teenager and think that Angelina Jolie’s character was soooo cool in that ‘sexy but damaged and crazy’ way? Then you grow up and realise how ridiculous that whole trope is? I feel like Jack never grew out of that phase and thinks she has tjat whole crazy sexy thing going on, even though in reality she is more similar to Alan Partridge when he had a breakdown and ate 100 toblerones and drove barefoot to Dundee.
Yes!! 😂 to all of this.

Anybody else starting to worry poor harriet and milliband ended up in a peach and chickpea curry? 😟


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Whilst looking for cats, I found this.

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Where are these apparent imperfections though?

Distended ribs - she looks like she’s sucking in, and let’s be honest who wouldn’t if they were snapping a photo to share with the whole internet? Maybe add it to the list to be on the safe side, @SoulRebel

Caesarean scar - fair enough, can’t see it though and afaik you’re usually cut in the underwear area anyway?

Disfigured leg - oh fuck off, WHERE? I know her mum confirmed she has birthmarks on her leg but she received treatment as a child and I’ve never seen them. They are not visible in this photo. I have a small but noticeable birthmark in the middle of my face and wouldn’t dream of calling it a disfigurement. Has she ever seen someone with one before?

No one would look at this photo and think ‘look at her distended ribs, caesarean scar and disfigured leg!‘. Those things aren’t visible (because they don’t exist / are being grossly exaggerated), and she is hitting all the beauty standards. Understandable that even hot people can feel self conscious in a bikini, but there’s no need to make shit up

“This body is made of beer and bacon” though - evidence of alcoholism and meat addiction? :ROFLMAO:
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Yes!! 😂 to all of this.

Anybody else starting to worry poor harriet and milliband ended up in a peach and chickpea curry? 😟

Excuse me hausfrau, but that is LIBEL!! She’s actually definitely 90% vegan, plus she’s only ever had one cat and is about to triangulate you right up. Be afraid, be very afraid.

I've done an utterly shite job of this, I'm being lazy and I could've done it a bit better but hope this is what you were looking for
The terribleness of this makes it better 🤣


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Why would you? I mean, why would you?

For what possible reason? Shock? Outrage? Offend? It wouldn't do any of these things. It's not the 1950's

BTW, congrats on the thread title. They have all been incredibly clever and funny.
Maybe she used to be an Ann Summers rep. Let's add it to the Jack's Jobs list anyway, everything else is on there at this point!
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