Jack Monroe #206 I wouldn’t trust her with a spam fritter

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Jack looks suspiciously fresh faced - has she used filters? No, you mithering ninny, it's a sunbeam, or her curtains. Or summat.

She is inexplicably proud of the contents of the poorly washed glass bowl in front of her. It is her father's special trifle. It's clear that Jack has inherited her coolinary skillz from him.

The jelly looks like it was made with soup. The custard is a sad yellow streak, the topping a mean, eked out covering of dream topping and horrid, brick hard, razor sharp 'decorations'.

The whole thing has been lovingly finished with gold spray, leaving it a filthy toxic shade. The gold spray is edible. Apparently. Which is more than can be said for the trifle. 😁😁


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A furry brain studded with large black beetles sits in a bowl of greasy-looking custard dotted with snowflake sugar sprinkles, jarringly festive against the depressing scene. Said brain has been impaled with two lit sparklers, which are accompanied by the sounds of what seems to be some kind of offscreen power tool. The video is, inexplicably, captioned "Enjoy!"


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Marcus Rashford a tall, black, professional footballer in his early 20s tries not to laugh at a small adult human with close cropped hair and Deidre Barlow’s owl glasses from 1981 who stares at him-star struck, in a primary school kitchen. Apparently this scene was also filmed however no footage has not been released to the public.


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Greek mezze selection from an Ocado order, presented as if home made by the poster, who has overlayed the image with hard-to-read white text that says 'When you're raised Greek you know this is literally just for your starters. For two.' They have also added their handle '@Jack_Monroe' in the bottom right corner, because it's such a fantastic image someone would probably try to steal it.


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A bright-eyed 33 year old woman stares into the abyss of her iPhone's portrait mode. Her teeth are sparkling white. There's a strange blurring around her eyes. She has no wrinkles, which is impressive at 33. Half of her ear is missing.

The caption underneath reads 'finally feeling like myself again but obviously still sort of terrible #nofilter'.

Just apply this to any photo you like really.


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I am in Greece - what hell is this Vlad? Wonder if any 7th gen Greek/Irish among us could translate. Is this a JM recipe for one of her new books?
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It claims to be a homemade hearing improvement remedy. Either… Vlad is a bit bored and wants in on #jackshacks or the melt your body fat with this disgusting looking fib algorithm has changed up. Either way, expect HellenicJack (my least fave) to be all over it in approx 18 months.
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