Jack Monroe #132 Leader of the Slopposition

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I had to step away from following these threads as they moved so fast and her behaviour was infuriating. I’ve just seen her latest tweet though and had to comment.

“I’ve been up all night answering DMs”. “My eyes are bloodshot”. “I’ve got to homeschool now”

Ever the narcissist.

Contrast with the tweet from her ex, Louise talking about the mental health of care workers this morning and I’m struggling to see what they ever had in common to make their relationship last as long as it did


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So it’s the day after the population have found out just how badly the country’s poorest children are treated by the government and she has the cheek to tweet SHE is feeling broken??

How dare she
You’re absolutely right.

i also think that if she’s so exhausted from this one day (of...er...posting on Twitter?), it suggests she’s not as used to hard work as she likes to say.

I’m sure most of us would love a “job” in which we organise our own hours, work from our (shitty/actually quite comfortable) home and have no taskmasters to please.

She has no idea what hard work means, and certainly not on the sustained basis that most of us do.


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Saw the GMB slot by chance and I bet she was fewmin they only used her very sparingly 😂,she knows her 5 minutes of limelight is coming to an end and it's great as others have correctly said with all those extra Twitter followers there will be more eyes on her and the interesting reactions of the Corbynites calling her out may come back to bite her on the butt 🇺🇸lol ..
Also by the sounds of her tweet this morning about being a 'bit broken' sounds like the dopamine has worn off ...cue health related bollox

Don't believe for a minute the rent bouncing crap ,could just be a direct debit cock up ..she's had plenty of work recently or is it the opening chapter in the 'im being evicted ' story .


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I think if her rent bounced, and it's a big if, it's because she prioritises the shiny over the important. Most people it's rent/mortgage, bills, food, other stuff, whereas she's putting 'other stuff' firmly at the top of the list. That and she insists on living in an overly expensive house.
Imagine having to expose yourself though. It's a bad sad. I mean imagine David Cameron exposing the alleged pig story on himself. It just goes to show that not that many people are interested


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Wouldn't it be odd if, of all the terrible things she's done, disliking Jezza Corbyn is the thing that brings her down.

It's okay if she didn't rate him. But the problem is she was, as always, mouthing off about things she didn't understand. She just jumped on the bandwagon of Corbyn hate.

Now, instead of saying why she personally didn't support Corbyn, (or God forbid, ignoring the squiggles' criticism), she's pretending it didn't happen, and that she's a fan of him and bezzie mates. OWN your opinions Jack. Or it just makes you look like a clueless, ignorant flake.

Interesting that they believe her not supporting him was because it would have rendered her career redundant. I don't think her Jezza hate is that deep (she's not intelligent enough to be thinking that way), but they are bang on the money about how she personally benefits from poverty.


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Her rent ‘bounced’? Is she seriously suggesting that she’s made so little money from her big brand partnerships and newspaper articles, that she has no savings to cover rent in an emergency? Despite being terrified of someone knocking on the door, of being homeless, and of estate agent signs, she has spunked all her money on hoarding expensive crap?

Or. Is she gearing up for “I lost my penultimate forever home while I was fighting for children to be fed”?


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Pooooor Jack, ever the martyr. You are up fighting for good and didn’t get sleep? I don’t believe you. But even if that was the case, it’s good for ya. Now shut up with the victimization card, put your head down, and do something other than tweeting or clamoring to get on tv. Lots of people have ten year olds they have to take care of after working their bodies to the bone. 🙄


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I’ve been following this for the past couple of days, Jack hasn’t done anything except work herself up into a frothing frenzy of self righteousness. She reminds me of my dog when she sees a squirrel in the garden but isn’t allowed out to chase it. The dog spins and barks at the window, and eventually the squirrel goes away of its own accord and the dog thinks it’s been terribly brave and done its job, but the squirrel never even knew it was there.

If Jack had stayed entirely silent on the matter (impossible unless she was in a coma obviously) the whole issue would have played out in exactly the same way, she’s contributed precisely nothing bar a few media sound bites. Interesting that the BBC, who she’s previously worked for, didn’t even want her for that.
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