Jack Monroe #132 Leader of the Slopposition

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I’m SEVERELY behind but had to jump in because the last two threads I’ve been screaming:

1) How fucking dare you;


3) oh my fucking GAWD.

The cringiest part so far is her talking to MR in AAV. Hey Jack, it’s fucking racist. Doesn’t matter if you meant it, or who you are related to. Sit the fuck down and shut, and I repeat, the fuck up.

Also, it’s not your story AT ALL. The self centeredness around poverty is truly remarkable. You are actively causing damage. For Christ’s sake SHUT UP.

Just perusing Limegoss again - how the hell did this nugget pass me by first time? She had TV presenting training? 😂😂😂
And the 'I'm funding a pilot myself - so please donate' 🥴
Did it ever happen? What happened to any donations?

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As far as anything that’s been verified, her real disability lies wholly in her narcissism.

Puddy Muddle

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Can we all please remember this for the next time she starts poor-me-ing about the detrimental effect of being a so-called public figure? The stress and burnout and general ouchiness of it all?

What Squiggle doesn't realise is that 'these days' is actually just 'this particular performative moment' in Jack-time. Nothing in this world is linear or stable and all of it will turn on a dime the moment it suits her narrative. And no one will be the wiser but us because all the receipts will be magically pooffed from her timeline.


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I know they say a lot can happen in a week in politics, but blimey, going from this:

View attachment 386668

to this:

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and we're not even a fortnight into the new year. I need to dino nap sit down
The woman is a chameleon. In the past year I don’t think she’s looked the same in any photos. Each one is completely different. Truly amazing.

Many articulate Fraus have pointed out before all of her skinny fishing. For someone that is meant to be so woke and so understanding of ALL of the issues, she certainly is dangerous when it comes to body image. With the very posed selfies, face tuning and how many tweets just tonight about how skinny she was. It’s quite irresponsible.

I’ve said it before but I’m still amazed that absolutely no consequences came from her raising £68k for a Kickstarter and not delivering what was promised, making no apologies and dragging it all on for TWO YEARS.

Tattle has a bad rep and almost all the threads i take with a pinch of salt but the Jack Monroe threads just pretty much contain tweets from Jack Monroe that get deleted so she can change her narrative. There is solid evidence of her lies - it’s not hearsay it’s literal tweets from her own mouth that suddenly vanish. Not to mention that there are some extremely intelligent people on this thread that speak sense, are wonderfully supportive of others and have taught me a fair amount (especially around food banks). It’s so easy to cry bully and trolls (and honestly influencers etc probably do have them - we know people are quite crap) BUT you can’t call someone a bully/troll/gossip when all they are doing is pointing out the hypocrisy of your own words, collecting receipts of actions and quite rightly calling you out.
I’d just been looking at this. The original guy isn’t wrong at all!! If Jeremy Corbyn was the prime minister there would be a lot more help for those struggling during the COVID pandemic. In fact there was a vision for huge changes in society that would start to balance some of the worst inequality. But Jack Monroe is a narcissist who enjoys getting pissed off on Twitter and would rather accuse someone of racism and antisemitism. And we’ve seen very recently that she has huge problems with race herself, like when she tweeted Marcus Rashford in a parody of a black accent. What a nasty bitch. I hope this is her undoing. And because she’s so random and crazy on Twitter most people didn’t even know or remember what she was like during the election. Of course she was having a mental breakdown at the time! She has them quite regularly often self-diagnosed after the fact to cover for being a lying psychopath. I hope Jeremy Corbyn isn’t really talking to her. But one of this problems was that he didn’t spot the wolves in sheep’s clothing so who knows. Run away Jeremy and Marcus!!!!!!!


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She pretends to be friends with everyone. The random traveller mum who first complained about the food parcels, and now Jezza Corbyn. And she fucking gets away with it. I wish they'd just say, I don't know her.

"My rent bounced" is clearly tip jar rattling without having to say the words.


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Wait, what? She's been in touch with Jeremy Corbyn a lot?
And what is that noise I hear? Not so gently or softly? Could it be the lesser known hooting call of the Jack Monroe tip rattling jar?
Shame. Less.
She's deleted the Jezza tweet.

Call me old fashioned but isn't she better taking money for media work to pay the fucking rent? No, she makes a huge gesture of saying she'll give it all away. Because that's what you do when the rent cheque bounces :unsure:


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There's no way she's giving away all of her fees. If that was her true intention, she would say, don't pay me, just donate my fee to charity instead. The very fact that the money is going through her must mean that she wants to keep at least part of it, while still getting the personal credit for any donation she does make.


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I thought nothing she could do would shock me. She has had numerous brand deals her patreon is well. She gets tips on the reg
Her rich ex partner was living with her surely giving her money. Why does lousia not say anything when she starts this.

Either shes terrible with money. Shes not. Or shes a liar a disgusting liar. She has spent he day probably hearing the most harrowing stories of people who cant feed their kids and she tweets that.

Unless there was just an issue with the bank and shes being ecological with the truth. Shocking I know


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Tweeting what she thinks are pithy defences at 5 in the morning? I’m calling it, as someone who’s been lying wide awake all night because I’m a shitlord who arsed up my prescription: Jack is abusing those ADHD meds.

Seriously, that private doctor of hers needs to be having a word about dosage reduction. Stop double dropping speed Jack, and seek help for your compulsive lying instead.
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