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This is precisely why a lot of people will just roll their eyes at her. She is incapable of addressing an issue without it looking like she’s angrily screaming “look what THEY got” and attempting to instigate a pile on.
Those “private school” meals she’s tweeting look lovely yes, but they aren’t relevant to the point at all- ultimately we all know that if you can afford to pay ££££ for your kids education, naturally the menu choices are going to be better!
Not for one moment am I saying those pathetic boxes are acceptable, I’m just slightly uncomfortable with this repeated “look wot the rich kidz get, the bastards” routine from her.
Those kids can no more help being born to rich families, as the poor ones born into poverty. It’s horrible but it’s a fact.

**Making it alll about me here*** but i’m speaking as a former FSM kid, who was brought up by a single mum on benefits so I DO know what it’s like to be on the breadline.
I just don’t think her flailing pile on attempt is at all helpful.

Someone else tweeted those private school Chartwell meals this afternoon. Jack has nicked it and presented it as her work as usual. She’s so desperate for the likes and retweets.
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Is she saying Chartwell’s CEO is on 8 figures or the Compass Group CEO (which Chartwell’s is a part of?) Because according to Google Compass Group has 600,000 employees worldwide and a turnover of nearly £25bn so you can start to see why they might be on 8 figures (not saying it’s right, but it would make more sense). But I know Jack isn’t always great on the ol’ facts.


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Roadside Mum, last thing tonight: "Woah, long day! but such progress, we're really gaining traction now -those kids will be getting what they deserve if it's the last thing I do! Early start tomorrow, back on it.."

Rashford, last thing before bed tonight: "fucking knackered but we won! Top of the league!! - so much hope this food parcel thing is a bit clearer tomorrow though - really must get on it nice and early tomorrow before training.."

Monroe, last thing tonight: "fucking look at ME! What a DAY! - 3 interviews, 2 on live tv! So that'll be what, 5k straight in the old back pocket!! And 15k new followers!! I can hear them now - Campaigner, tv star, master chef, they fucking love me! Shit, should probably update my bio.."
Insert “We‘re not worthy” gif. 😂

traumatised sideboard

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Ah yes, vultures are well known for their absorption capabilities. She has unwittingly described herself perfectly though - a vulture is precisely what she is. She's seen this FSM carcass is easy pickings and has just gone for it. I hope there's a figurative hyena creeping up behind her about to take a whacking great bite out of her Mediterranean arse as she gorges herself on the scraps.

Also, not having COVID will tend to help with making you look non-COVIDy, squiggle.


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I was just in the bath expecting to be listening to a football phone in when those adenoids popped up. I nearly drowned.

Anyway they were saying that the original woman has now said she misunderstood and the parcel was for one week not two. Still not nutritionally balanced, still not interesting or particularly useful but at least is more filling. But like many have said far more eloquently than me, jumping in head first, retweeting pictures without context and making mistakes like this just encourage those looking to dismiss the issues. She’s used her social media to raise awareness, like many others, now she should shut up and let Marcus get on with beating Liverpool next weekend.


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My dear old neighbour would a good word for her and that is she is a good for nothing mouthpiece. All squeak and no tune.

I actually hope my earlier thingy was right and the MR and RM ( initials even look good together) have given our dear little toddler a noisy toy to play with and have actually gotten all the real shit done.

Neat thread title jack monroe,. How to look good filtered
I hope she didn’t get paid for cutting and pasting some tweets and calling it an article 🙄🙄🙄


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Those pics has been going around all day
Yes you pay more, you get better quality. Like IKEA vs Cotswold Co
No “spare” £25 if you read the news instead of trying to be on it you would know was charged as £10ish, which is being refunded if the food box was substandard, they not taking profits from the boxes now and they sending extra food plus apologies.
Twitter did it’s thing and fixed the problem whilst you delighted in your own reflection
You look ridiculous, that is not a comment on your physical appearance
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