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I got my bloody money back, and gave it to my local foodbank.

I think this one was my favourite missive:

Hi everyone! Thankyou for your continuing patience - this is proving to be a long process and I just want you all to know that I am chipping away at it every single day. I fell and badly injured my knee a few weeks ago, and still continued to limp up to the post office lugging a suitcase of books. Today I dragged books through the rain, wheezing with a chest infection. Reading some of the comments here is disheartening, but the nice messages and comments are a joy to read. A few housekeeping updates will follow, but can I plead with you, I am doing my very best, can we please, please keep the negativity to a minimum as it is mentally battering to read - and ESPECIALLY as some of the most vocally megative of you HAVE RECEIVED REFUNDS and so have no further investment in this project other than to try to stir the pot. You know who you are and you are driving me to a complete mental breakdown. It is bullying and you should be frankly ashamed of yourselves. If you had a refund through PayPal, unfortunately you can still comment here. I am loathe to name and shame you but if I have to, I will, so the others know not to pay attention to your sniping and griping. Sorry to come down hard but it is frustrating for those who have had refunds to be still here causing trouble, and I'm sorry it's come to this. The rest of you - your books are on the way. Thankyou for your patience.
Oh my god 😂😂😂😂 she really loves the image of poor little old arthritic jack lugging suitcases of books to the post office in the rain, doesn't she.

I reckon she missed a trick not posting that her GRANDFATHER IS DEAD so all those mean bully backers leave her alone


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Haha we have the thermal scanner cameras for the kids, but staff get done by a guy at the gate through the car window. I know from the olden days tracking fertility that your temperature spikes when you are ovulating- the guard in the gate could tell you the menstral cycle of everyone in the school by now! 36.1 is my baseline.

I can only dream of Jack’s record breaking coffee thermometer.
Oh my god, what kind of school do you work at?! We never get our temperatures checked. Occasionally the headteacher’s PA comes round with hand sanitiser.


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*whispers* I bought an over locker this week and I love it, it’s like my version of “my preciousssss”...

I must say I never expected to see a Sewing Jack.
Jack doesn’t have the commitment to be good at anything requiring effort. Sewing, knitting...she could spend all the money in the world on nice stuff but it’s not going to make her a chef or a seamstress or good knitter.

Her only commitment is to her narrative, “fame”, and lies.

(And for the record I think it’s great to dabble in crafts we aren’t good at, mastery of a craft is great but not the be all end all—it’s more that she wants to spend money or toot her own horn creating a ruse that she’s great at something when really, she’s a beginner at everything.)

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This is will be old hat to some of you but I'm still relatively new to Jack Watching as a sport so forgive me for seeking a brief recap. Why was the book on Kickstarter in the first place? Judging from the rest of the slop collections she pumps out she doesn't seem to have much difficulty getting published. Really what I'm asking is have I missed a hilarious chaos?
Her first book A Girl Called Jack was successful (it’s her best book because she was still using simple, cheap recipes adapted from BBC goodfood) but the second was a flop and she couldn’t get a publisher didn’t want her fans to ‘have to wait’ for the book to be published. But she did get it published by a publisher as well because that way she got double the money. Her current publisher then took her on.

With the flops of her last books, her constant failure to deliver & tardiness with the books she claimed were coming out shortly, I would be very surprised if she wasn’t dropped by this publisher soon (if it hasn’t already happened) and she’ll find it very very hard to find anyone else daft enough to take her on because she’s lazy & can’t cook.

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I think she did the Kickstarter as a sort of anti austerity bandwagon jumping thing, and she wanted to do it quickly and donate a copy to food banks for every one sold (and get rid of red tape?) and I vaguely remember that she wanted more money from each book as the author doesn’t get much, but I’m not 100% sure on that.


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Katie Hopkins is indeed a horrid individual, (what she said was just dreadful), and Jack obviously sees herself as some kind of untouchable giantkiller, but Hopkins was an easy target and even the judge said she won the court case by the skin of her teeth and it could have gone either way.

Jack really thinks she's a saintly maverick, that can do no wrong. How can she sleep at night?



As far as I know, the launch party didn't happen. It certainly wasn't advertised anywhere on her social media . She mentions on her 'backer only' updates that info of this party was in backer emails, but if it happened, it went entirely unreported on her social media. I have the strong impression of people expressing disappointment over it but can't remember where. Dunno about 'the dinner at your house' thing but on balance of probabilities... I do remember people complaining that the books were unsigned and, as others have mentioned, were sometimes damaged in post- packed badly- and that there were shortcomings of the layout/ text /illustrations etc but these comments were wildly counterbalanced by copious fawning.
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