It's the Donnellys

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I have been following these guys for a few months now and I really enjoy their vlogs.

What does everyone else think?
I have been watching them for a couple years. Love their traveling vlogs. Mom (Jill) is so sweet. I think the kids are growing tired of the vlogs.
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Disagree the kids are all very entitled and spoilt And Jill lets them get away with it. Haven’t watched in a year or so... so maybe things have changed?
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OMG. Check out their vlog for today. School is out, we are all healthy, lets go on vacation to the British Virgin Islands. The comments are 99% negative and calling them out for their stupidity.
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Can't believe they traveled to Florida and stayed at their ELDERLY parents house, they don't follow guidelines and constantly have massive amounts of friends over as if COVID doesn't even's obnoxious
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This family is obnoxious. They have travelled way too often, especially during the pandemic. They've been called out several times to just stay home but they just can't. Is it really that hard? Those three kids (Brennan, Katie & Ryan) are beyond spoiled as well, but that's what happens when your mother (Jill) has no backbone. Mike the father seems to have a backbone and actually kept the kids in line a while back. They were sweet kids but now they're just obnoxious. Katie definitely takes the cake for being the most and Brennan/Ryan aren't far. The only reason they got an audience in the first place was because Katie buddied up with Annie LeBlanc years ago. They get nowhere near the amount of viewers now that they used to get. And if you scroll through their comments now, the majority come from older men which is also creepy. The whole family just rubs me the wrong way, and I can't wait until all three of the kids are out of the house so the vlogs can end.
My daughter watched them when Katie did gymnastics with Annie. She was flipping Katie back then she was an amazing gymnast but she had quit now
This is one of those channels that was only interesting as long as it focused on the hobby of one of the kids (Katie doing gymnastic). But as soon as that ended the focus went onto the family life itself. Which is truly and utterly mundane and boring. - By now it's videos of painting a wall.