It’s Em #5 Warty, Forty but definitely not sporty

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She also has really clear skin, she doesn’t need to go that heavy on the EL Double Wear. It’s all or nothing with her makeup, bit of tinted moisturiser and mascara would look better than her heavy handed blush and eyeliner. And Em we know you read here do yourself a favour and get your brows done. The round arc suits nobody and one starts about a centimetre further over than the other.


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Em - that wasn't a Victoria sponge cake ! Victoria sponge does not contain cocoa powder or fresh fruit - nor is it 'marbled' - it should be a vanilla cake sandwiched with jam or jam and buttercream......also 45 minutes for a sponge? No wonder it was tough ! 20 minutes is all a basic sandwiched sponge cake needs...........Do we think she's hoping to get seen on her channel by Channel 4 executives - and then go on GBB?

...and she was on tv for 2 seconds ....on a programme about the spice girls.......

Delia Smith

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Sounds like she’s using any excuse not to walk the dog! Can’t walk him in the morning because it’s dark - if she starts work at 9 surely she’ll can nip out with him 15 mins beforehand.
Cant walk him at lunchtime cos it’s raining.
Cant walk him after work because she’s tired or it’s going dark.
Basically cant do anything without Chris!
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