Isabel Brandon

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This girl deserves some positive recognition. It’s all too easy to get fuelled by the hate threads and forget to praise those who are making a good job of it. A teen mum who went on to finish uni, buy a house, works a job in the real world as well as running her channel with two young children on top of that. I’m really proud of her for sticking with her channel and still realistically finishing her studies and having a job in the real world to support her family on and fall back on if needs be. I’m hoping to see some growth on her channel this year, maybe brands will start to take notice of the smaller you tubers now the bigger channel mum lot are becoming more of a hassle to work with. Isabel really deserves it. See, us “trolls” aren’t all that bad, credit given where credit is due.
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I agree. I think she's really relatable and I like watching her videos. Plus Ollie and Alice are just little darlings. She also makes really good cooking/meal vlogs. I've got lots of recipe ideas from her
I like her, she is really relatable and she doesn’t over do it. I always enjoy her videos. You can tell she lives a normal life rather than some other people who are living unattainable lifestyles off the back of #ads. Isabel!
There little family is so cute. She’s such a hard worker and I admire how she is still working towards her career goals 💪🏼
Does anyone know why Isabel has stopped doing vlogs? I really love her content: I think it’s refreshing and relatable.