Is it fair for me to be mad at my husband?

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I don’t know if I’m being unfair or what but I feel mad and upset. My hormones are probably whack right now. I’m not even sure I should try and talk to him about this or just leave it alone. What would you do in this situation?:

I had my period 2 weeks ago and then last week I had to have a steroid shot for joint pain. The steroid shot seems to have messed with my hormones and it’s brought on another period like 2 weeks early.. obviously I’m miserable about that as feel like I only just finished my last one.

Now I’m not one to enjoy period sex, nothing wrong with it but I don’t ever feel comfortable so would rather wait til it’s over and actually enjoy sex. My husband knows this and he knows that I got a period again.. and well.. I was in bed alone last night, it was pretty early but (like I said I’ve been feeling so miserable) I just want these days over with tbh. Hubby was having some beers and watching tv downstairs but he kept coming up to see me like every 20mins and kept trying to come on to me and would keep asking why I was so grumpy about it? And then if I minded if he went to watch porn instead. I did keep saying I just wanted to be left alone, that he knows why I don’t want sex and that I would sleep soon.. and porn well I never mind him taking care of his needs if I’m not in the mood but it just frustrates me how he just kept bringing up sex when he knows full well that I’m on my period again and can’t/won’t right now. I don’t think he had that much to drink so not sure if it’s really an ‘excuse’.

is it right for me to be upset or am I being unfair? Is it worth talking about or just something you would forget about?
My husband just sees to himself if I’m not in the mood for sex. It doesn’t bother me. I tell him to do it!
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How are things this morning ? If you’re getting on and there’s no atmosphere I’d be inclined to leave it but think about how you’re currently feeling if the same thing happens again.

No one should ever feel or be pressured into sex and I’d be having the conversation there and then if he tries to come on to you when you’re not in the mood.
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Thank you all for the replies x

I feel like Im more upset than I would normally be about it, I would rather him have not said/tried anything. But yes, think I’m just way more sensitive right now.

He only crawled out of bed 30mins ago and could tell I wasn’t happy as I couldn’t hide it well. He said if it makes me feel any better he feels like crap from staying up too late and drinking.. and yes it does make me feel a little better? 😂
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