Instamums #3 Egos inflating as differing opinions are disregarded as hating

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Affiliate income must be declared as it is earnings.

Gifts / items sent for review / holidays do not have to be declared as they are viewed as "tools of the trade". This is why influencers post so much when they are away with brands like Destinology and show us so much of the extras / the beach / the spa, they are selling the brand to us (read ramming it down our throats) and trying to prove they are not "just on holiday". They are posting to prove they are working so when HMRC look through their feed they will see numerous posts to support that.

As i said, any item sent for review that comes along with a payment needs to have the payment declared as this is earnings, but items do not. So all those dresses, shoes, Gousto boxes are not included on self assessment
Are you sure? I’ve been reading up on this on many U.K. taxation websites and the value of gifted holidays are deemed taxable and need to be declared if some agreement has been made with the brand to promote it.
Here is a link to one of the many websites that explain “influencer” taxation.

check out this blog from One Roof Social which also indicates the same ie that gifted holidays would need to be declared.



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I think that lot on sappy mummy smile’s post are really really milking it and are being nasty bullies dare I say it, with their back patting, smug pile on. She made a few very human comments on an anonymous forum. No doubt they do the same on Watsapp. I think they’re being really shit actually.


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I’ve found Alice’s posts now. Nothing I’ve read do far is particularly bad - nothing to justify people being ‘heartbroken and devastated’.
You forget that these people are twats. Normal people would be hurt and pissed off, these lot have to be heartbroken and devastated. I mean it’s shitty but come in, get a fucking grip 🙄

Poor instamums. They are all in mourning that their ultimate leader Saint Clem isn’t quiet as lovely as she portrays.

They are making a right meal out of it as per usual. And I for one am still praying every night for Lulu and the needle and thread dress


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Ultimate Girl Gang confirmed it on someone’s insta, if you go to the MOD thread there’s screen shots
Glad to have seen this as I wondered what ‘mercer7’ was talking about in her stories, she’s actually added the hashtag #whothefuckisalice so it does all tie up!


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Side note .. does anyone know what happened to Danielle Parry? The last I heard she was pregnant with twins. I'm only asking because I genuinely really like her and I'm rooting for her.


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Is Themumways on speed or coke? She’s been very hyper lately. She’s rambling on and can’t stand still, it’s bizzare behaviour


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What pisses me off is those that try to hide that’s it’s a gift. instylebyhelen does (g) next to all her endless gifts surely that’s not right?
I mentioned this on another thread before, I was once in a shop at the same time as DMBL40, she was loud, rude and came across as very entitled, I was gobsmacked. She was a complete let down. I see Chloelovestoshop is in Ibiza on a paid trip from Lexus! Honest to god..and then you have such lovely people like MyLifeWithMarnie going through such stressful times in life but always so happy and positive...I so wish some of these companies would gift things to those so much more ¹deserving. I would be way more impressed with any company who did that.
Just watched DMBL40 ranting on about how her card was declined in IKEA! Could just imagine the scenario of her screeching and gurning....”what you stupid little man?!...I’ve got millions in my account!!...You obviously don’t know who I am! I’m a very important influencer you know!” Dreadful woman! 😩
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