Important things to ask a life coach

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I’m thinking to go on a life coaching session for the first time and in fact, a friend already found the London life coach for me. However, I’m not aware of the right questions to ask during our first meeting or even the topics or experiences that I should bring up. If you can share some tips, that would be a big help. Thanks in advance.
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Sorry for no response yet, I didn't know this new forum was here :) I used to be a law of attraction coach, and there's really nothing much for the first session if indeed they are the same. He or she will chat to you and ask you what you want to achieve, that kind of thing. You will work together to achieve goals, even if that's just *to feel better*. I wouldn't worry about it, my sessions were always fun and I never needed people to think of the right questions or anything, we just flowed together, just enjoy it! :)
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I'm actually thinking of going to see one too! Just finished up at my job and looking for a next step in career / life, really feel like I could use external guidance. Sadly I don't have any tips :LOL:
I wish I had some answers to give you, but I'm in the same boat. I would love to not put myself down as much and stop thinking negative all the time. I truly do believe that there is power in the tongue and I would love to get outside opinion on that.
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