Imogenation #33 It’s pure and utter magic, shame your content’s so tragic.

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omfg I’m actually going to throw up 🤮 !!! “You kept telling the nurses how amazing I am” just fuck off will you. Why do we need to know that information??? The biggest narcissist ever!!!! And Why does everything have to be a novel, I couldn’t be arsed to even read it all.

also, are we now going to get hour by hour accounts of after the birth 🥴
Notice how it’s “2 hours after I gave birth” not “baby is 2 hours old here” it has to be about her. She wants to add “don’t I look amazing as I have just given birth?!” Influencers are all narcissistic but she is the worst!


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Love to know why she writes big paragraphs as captions as if people want to read that. Like why not save it for a video it’s quicker to talk than write all that.

Her magical stories are so fucking pathetic. Why is she acting as if all the midwives bowed down to her when she entered the room because they had never seen such a loving and magical mother before? Get a grip
She thinks she’s Beyoncé and some massive celeb


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So I was just watching her failed friendship stories out of boredom. I would love for the girl who she done loads of story times about to make a video about her side being friends with Imogen. It’s funny how in the story times, Imogen always comes across as the sweet innocent loving honey princess yet everyone else is the bad guy. It does sound like she went through a lot being friends with that girl, but can you imagine that girl watching all of these videos and how she will feel? I’m sure there are people on Imogen's platform that will know who the person she speaking about is!


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The TV chef Jamie Oliver has the most unusual names for his kids. 🥴

Poppy Honey Rosie Oliver
Petal Blossom Rainbow Oliver
River Rocket Blue Dallas Oliver
Daisy Boo Pamela Oliver
Buddy Bear Maurice Oliver
I found a newspaper article saying Jamie and Juliet 'Jools' Oliver are trying to have a 6th baby and struggling with miscarriages. Poor them :( However, it would be interesting to see what unusual name they chose for their 6th kid if they have one.


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Just been on salads story, is he ever with the same blonde lady???. It always looks like someone different but a very similar look, blonde, slim etc. Does he have ANY guy friends?? 😒😒

convenient the only question spenny apparently got was about ‘dad life’ and it is just MaGIcAL huns ✨
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