illymation abusive relationship?

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I hate to be the person to question someone when they come forward about abuse or anything like that but i honestly cant take this girl seriously. I think its because she puts forward a persona that if we don't fully believe her and we question anything that we are helping the abuser which i get but i don't want to just believe everything she has to say without solid proof because she hasn't really shown any proof
I agree with you completely, she isnt sharing everything and by the looks of their conversations I just don't get how you could get strung along by this in your later teen years, there is a lack of accountability.
I believe her. I mean she was only 13 when they started talking and him 17. The screen grabs of Facebook messages she included from him are quite creepy and gross (the ones where she's upset about her cat and he's just like 'death happens' pissed me off) and remind me of those typical loner 'incel' types who go on about how nice guys finish last. :rolleyes: