I will never buy from.. (fill in the blank) because they gift so much to social media influencers.

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This gifting has really boiled my piss during lockdown. I'm not convinced gifting even works as a brand promotion tactic and yet the brands continue to send stuff out.

Anyway, I will never buy from Sweaty Betty.

I exercise every day, so am always on the look out for decent gear. Sweaty Betty is ridiculously expensive and the amount of gear they have gifted during lockdown is obscene (chloelovestoshop, thefashionablepan, 40plusnotgivingupyet, stealmystyle40 to name just a few). I refuse to spend money to subsidise freebies.
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Urban decay palettes- so expensive yet actually pretty average, paying for people to go on brand trips etc. Same with benefit, I only rate their mascaras and some brow products. Taking influencers to other countries must cost a fortune
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Sarah’s Creative Kitchen
I’m loathe to book a place called Bethnal and Bec even though I stayed there 2 years ago - pisses me off they give £250 nights to scabs like the fat funny one
Scrub Daddy or P&G if I can help it
Wax Melts - Ava May particularly
Elomi Lingerie
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JD Seasonings or Spicentice... because I can find the normal pots of herbs and spices in the supermarket aisle and read a fking recipe
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Giving Brogan Tate and many others free washers and dryers. I’ll never give them a penny of my money.
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Ava May Aromas- just doesn’t feel right for some reason! Maybe all the plugs from Mrs Hinch and freebies “gifted” to her!
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Jo Malone ( i have one perfume from them but that was before the influencer trend)
And Desenio but thats mostly because i hate their prints
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Jo Malone is the biggest one for me. I used to buy a lot from them, but seeing their prices creep up over the past few years whilst every influencer and their dog is sent whole collections has just cheapened the brand for me.

The body shop.

Benefit. Can't get over that they collaborated with Anna Saconne.

Hush. I like some of the styles but the quality has become really poor and again expensive for what it actually is. I've seen too many influencers clearly sponsored by them and not being honest about it which really puts me off. I wish brands would research more who they actually send stuff to.

Function of Beauty. Again too many people lying about being sponsored by them. They must think we are stupid.

Agree with Desinio. Reminds me of Athena in the 80s, and all their prints look the same. :LOL:
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I refuse to buy anything from a swipe up etc. There's no chance they are making any cash from me. Even if I really wanted to purchase it, I'd go out of my way to find it myself.
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Luxury bed company.
Wonder if they have ever sold a bed 🤔
We’re getting a new bed and these popped up and omg!They’re so tacky and trashy. No character whatsoever, just boxy. If that makes sense

seconded. Also AvaMay.

I must admit. When I was doing SW I got suckered in by these big accounts and tried Spiceentice , jd seasonings (when beggy Jack Towers was bugging them up and his rancid fajita chicken pasta bake thing) and Sarah’s Kitchen. More Like Beggy Sarah’s Overpriced Generic Gimmicky Chocolate Kitchen. JD seasonings as mentioned were a waste of money and the meals were awful. I actually didn’t mind Spiceentice .
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Oh, how could I forget Charlotte Tilbury! I think she has been one of the worst offenders. I'm sure I remember reading that her prices are so steep because they decided to put so much money into advertising/buying influencers and not the actual products which are so hit and miss. I bought one of the lipsticks a few years ago (think it was called glaston-berry) and it was the so unbelievably dry to the point of being unusable.
I think the final straw with her was seeing her doing the in the bathroom series with Sali hughes and it was such a constant push of her own products it was laughable. I would have been too ashamed to put that video up if I had been sali!
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Nip + Fab will never get a penny from me ever again.
Bad enough that they gifted Ali from Stealmystyle40 last week, but today Lynsey Queen of Clean has also been gifted.

Two of the biggest beggers there are on Instagram, and both of them are well able to afford pretty anything :mad:
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