'I want to ban detox teas being sold on Instagram' - BBC piece

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Won't click on a buzzfeed link 😓 but any infuencer promoting sliming tea or tooth whitening stuff is scraping the barrel. They don't even pay very much. It's the kind of thing someone from love island several years ago and has high followers but a terrible engagement (although still higher than Jim chapman who manages to get high fees) has to resort to.
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I adore Jameela Jamil's response to celebrities flogging detox teas on Instagram. https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/amberjamieson/jameela-jamil-cardi-b-detox-tea
I agree, I love Jameela! I think she was even trying to start a petition to get them banned a while back? I even saw she posted something about a 'pregnancy fit tea' that I think Amber Rose was promoting, which is mental! I don't even think you could take it whilst pregnant (probably due to it being a laxative) yet they were still somehow marketing it as such?

I def think this stuff needs to be regulated (I wish it wasn't sold at all though tbh. I saw a girl on Twitter say she ended up in hospital after doing a 'course' of one of these detox teas). I saw on the news a while back that they were trying to stop under 18s year olds from buying diet pills and laxatives, and that companies were now supposed to ID them, but if you're ordering this stuff online and not from supermarkets or places like Superdrug and Boots, I imagine there is little regulation.

I also def think this stuff fuels eating disorders too. Laxative abuse is so common amongst people with EDs and these teas just make it easier to get ahold of and do it secretly.
All of these detox teas are a brilliant laxative if you've been stuck eating hospital stodge for a few days 👍🏽