I hit the curb and now car leans to the left. Wheel rebalancing and how much?

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My car always had a left lean then got the tyres fixed and it drove like a dream for a week. Then some idiot didn't stop when I had right of way so I hit a high curb rather than them and it doesn't drive like a dream anymore.
Should I just ask to get the wheels rebalanced? How much should this be? It was £12 last time as part of more work. Should it be about the same? I hate being single and having to go to a guarage, so intimidating
Yes, could be the wheel alignment again. The fact it had a left lean before was def because of alignment.

It could also be something more serious like suspension damage.

Worth having it checked out. I hate that garages are so sexist and this even needs to be said but do you have a male friend that could get it checked for you?
Hey I had the same as I hit a pot hole and it knocked the tracking out. Cost about £30 to sort. My car was pulling to the left really bad til I got it fixed.
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