How to make money from home

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I feel like I’ve tried everything you could think of
I’m a single parent and benefits don’t even cover my bills. I apply for jobs All the time, I was so close to getting one but it’s been put on hold till coronavirus is over. My last business idea failed today and I just give up. Any suggestions of ways to make money I haven’t thought of? not surveys- it’s very hard to make a living off them.
I’ve applied to go back to college in september too
I've noticed quite a lot of places are advertising for work from home customer service roles at the moment. I believe they are only temporary though but a few weeks back I noticed that sky were looking for home workers. You could try places like lionbridge or appen. I started to apply to work at lionbridge years ago when I was made redundant but then got a job elsewhere.
Maybe try selling anything that you don't need or want on ebay. I would also maybe check out some work online forums to see what ideas people have.
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Sorry to hear your business idea has failed; what type of business was it? Is it something you could re-start at a later date?
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