How to cake it

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I've watched three of these today and don't understand how is it so popular?!

It's the same basic sponge, that's iced and wrapped in a thick thick layer of fondant every week. Shes great on screen and tallented but I wouldn't watch another as it's just got no variation.
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Simply Nailogical did a collab with this creator which was quite funny. I don't think she liked Christine.
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I've only noticed her because of SNails. I find her video's super boring, and repetitive.

speaking of cooking, by some really random accidental clicking I've got to watching the great australian bake off and I'm HOOKED!!

I didn't even watch the british ones!! But i've seen little clips so know of it. It's so weird to see it copied exactly, right down to similar presenters etc Idk why i'm so obsessed with it, i love it. and i hate baking shows lol I think i just love realizing how well I'd fit in in Australia. I understand the lingo (thanks to an aussie soap addiction in the past!) & they use a lot of british terms and idk just seeing they also have pyrex glass and stuff thrills me. why idk lmao Its got a bit of an aussie twist i dont know what the birds are they cut to but its a fun show. ok im waffling sorry

can't watch this lady though, but good luck to her. I'd rather watch a sweary timmi tomato make smth outlandish and inedible. and that's saying a lot! ?
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@KawaiiAF I went though a stage of watching Oz bake off and pretty much every English language version. The language is interesting like how they call all sweets "Lollys" and find myself doing an Ozzie accent watching it :D
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Omg! I do that too! If I watch a couple of episodes a day I pick up the accent lol! :D

That's so cool you watched it too, I can't find anyone who knows of it being a thing. I didn't know there were more I need to check them out! I find them oddly super relaxing, even though for them it's more stressful as they have such hard tasks often lol Isn't that weird.

I really need check out the original too at some point lol!
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