How to be the perfect Instagramer/Vlogger! Suggestions for accounts that clearly read here 😉

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So all these accounts clearly read here as you can see them add in little bits that we all moan about.

So lets make them a list of things that we actually want to see not the repetitive adds that they all keep doing and the pointless lies that they all tell.

For me I love seeing the day to day stuff, morning routines night routines how they stay on top of the washing lol I like a few hauls or maybe favourites videos with realistic priced stuff.

I also like to see holiday vlogs not free holidays but holidays they have saved and payed for.

What would you add?
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I follow lots of great instagram accounts but they all are related to my interests and therefore have great content.
Sewing accounts

All have something to say because they have a purpose.
The instamums and their sales pitches are just MLM scams in disguise!
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1. Well edited. If you yawn or get the hiccups just cut it or re-do. Maybe even a little bit of a routine to them. I follow Five Two Love and their vlogs have structure and are well edited. It's like watching a very mini episode of a show.

2. Low ads. I don't mind ads as obviously this pays for the vlogging, but they should be minimal and something the Influencer actually uses. Similarly I like hearing them make recommendations about stuff they love which they purchased.

3. Real life vlogs. Hair a mess, kitchen side needing clearing etc is all fine by me. That's real. Fair enough fancy make up and house if doing an ad but otherwise I don't care.
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