How many data breaches will mumsnet have?

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Posting here as they deleted my post on mumsnet.

But this site has a major databreach at least once a year if not more.

They are a huge company with loads of brand deals that lives for selling data to brands to mine. But they seem totally inept and keep being hacked.

I don't know of another site that is so big but keeps having so many problems. Security experts over there have pointed out how bad the site is and it took them years to do basic things as to just switch to Https.

I hope they get fined for loosing more people's data quite frankly.
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Agreed. I’m not on MN any more but I was in the past - they removed me years ago because I was a child (had gone there for help, genuinely) and I got around the ban pathetically easily and quickly - although now I just watch them duck up from the sidelines and don’t actually use the account - no need to. This is honestly a terrifying outcome for their users but even more terrifying is the ‘oh, teehee, we’ve made a mistake, fetch the gin’ attitude they (Justine?) seem to be taking of the whole situation. It’s so patronising to their user base, reeks of carelessness.
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