How do I share videos online but only to selected people?

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Hi Everyone

I am a brownie leader and all our face to face meetings have been suspended for the foreseeable future. All my girls have access to the internet. So I thought I could video a demonstration for them to do at home.

Not all our parents use Facebook or WhatsApp. So I’m not sure how to share the video. Can you tube or another site allow me to upload but share the link with my parents for the girls to still get their minutes?

Thank you x
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I believe you can upload a video to YouTube and mark it as ‘unlisted’ so only people you give the link to can access it. Sounds like a good idea to keep doing what you can!
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Thank you. Will look into that. I obviously don’t want to release it to everyone but I want my girls to all have access to our virtual programme if they end up off for weeks. X
Yes making a video unlisted on YouTube means only those with a link can view it ☺
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