Has anyone met/know any influencers in real life?

Louise Pentland used to live round the corner from me but never met her until a few years back when I bumped into her in Morrisons. She was vlogging and turned to me and said something along the lines of she must look like a weirdo but I mentioned I knew who she was and watched her videos. She seemed nice enough in real life
I know Livingthemummylife, a small wannabe Insta Mum (maybe 10k?) V.desperate. She’s always moaned about her life and kids. Yet she’s so lucky, yes her husband is a marine but he works hard, and is a great Dad. She’s barely worked over the time they’ve been together, yet her nor the kids go without.


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I saw Tijan Serena years ago at Starbucks. She seemed very self conscious and almost hyper aware of herself and that is what made me notice her. I've seen Eva in the City from a distance. I have seen Lexi (Fashion Filth) twice. She is incredibly skinny in real life. At some point or another I have pretty much seen the entire cast of Made in Chelsea. I have seen Millie and Rosie Fortescue a couple of times. I've smiled at Rosie and she has smiled back. Does Joe Wicks count? He walked past me in Richmond last year. I have seen a number of celebs - friends say I have a bit of a hawk eye spotting them!
I liked Lexi back in the day. Completely forgot about her!


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I have several friends who are friends with PTWM, in real life and on facebook, her account in her own name not her business account 😉 so much so I changed my profile pic on here! it was a pic of my dog and anyone who knows me would know my dog.


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I come from the same small town as Zoella.
a few years ago Zoe and Joe went to their old school (when my daughter was about 12, and the height of their popularity) they were charming but apparently changed the school to turn up!
Other Zoella gossip but it’s barely worth your time...... nothing that interesting xx


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I know someone who knows Fopperholic and she said she’s an absolute knob in real life.
That doesn't surprise me! 🙄😂

I have met beggy home sweet home I can confirm she is as leather looking as her photos and her breath stinks
Omg! 😂 Please go over to the Becky thread and tell everyone that, and more info, if you have it! 😂


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I know Sophie May Dickson
She’s a vile bully
I was on the receiving end of it once and I can honestly say she is a vile vindictive nasty Woman and I find it actually hilarious all these years she’s thought everyone else didn’t know she was a brass ( working in prostitution )
Everybody in that town knew and still does

it’s karma - I mean I have no issue with the sex work at all but I have an issue with the way she’s practically grooming her children into little Lolitas and when someone calls her out for her behaviour she tries to twist it

if you’re reading this Sophie .... wow look how life’s turned out for ya you’re famous for being a slag 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ Remember the time you turned up at the local pub in nothing but underwear ..#hoelife ... tramp
Please tell me u from CI? Haha haha 😂
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