Harry Pickard #6 No awards shown, when the duck did you lose 8 stone?


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Report him to the police!!!!
Defo could aswell - he came on here and posted a picture of his REG plate to prove its his and that account hasn;t been back since. What a twat!

Do we think he's just randomly blocking people?
Wtaf reason would he have?

And now his other profile is private and I've been removed from that. Maybe he was sorting that all out on his phone while he was driving the A64
he hasnt managed to block me yet, and I have 2 instas muahahahaha
Ladies and Gentleman....

The Offering of a "food blogger"....

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jesus fucking wept.

it's like something my 7 year old comes in with after he's said "daddy, can I try making my own dinner today?"

if this is inspiration then I'm willy wonka.
Jesus .... has Hazza been abducted by Aliens.... the plate is usually heaped to the max and overflowing in all directions