Harry & Meghan #85 As the Actress didn't say to the Bishop

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Why would they turn up? Thy aren't actual mates and the only other reason would be for networking and possible job opportunities. I don't think Smegs and Dregs are in a position to offer many juicy job opportunities. Scrounge for them... probably. But being hit up by the talentless doesn't sound like a compelling reason for an A-lister to travel to a party to me.
I think this is another case of her believing if she makes it public, it puts pressure on people to do what she wants, and now there is the added pressure of being labeled a racist if they don't show up.


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Cats are controlling cunts. There I said it. Even though I thoughtlessly fed one. :censored: My bad.
They have enslaved half the population. It's quite bizarre. Little aliens.
I refuse to be in their cult.

On topic.
Smeggy had a cat called Archie. It died because she fed it frozen grapes. Even I know that's a no-no.:rolleyes:
They totally are. We have two and they hate each other. One now living like a king indoors after getting bitten by the other. Except he likes to go crazy in the middle of the night and also ALWAYS tries to scratch the furniture and zoom about half way through some drama like Unforgotten despite spending the rest of his time comatose. The other whinges for food all day long. Drives us mad. Never having cats again....pair of what Freda says...

As for the whingey one - I thought he’d been run over, carried him home in tears. Hubby buried him. Cat then strolled up alive - I then went all round houses trying to find owner WHO WANTED THE CAT BACK 🤦🏻‍♀️ Had to excavate him and brush him off to return to owner. They’re both 13 now and showing no signs of shuffling off this mortal coil ...
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They totally are. We have two and they hate each other. One now living like a king indoors after getting bitten by the other. Except he likes to go crazy in the middle of the night and also ALWAYS tries to scratch the furniture and zoom about half way through some drama like Unforgotten despite spending the rest of his time comatose. The other whinges for food all day long. Drives us mad. Never having cats again....pair of what Freda says...
We have one, it was a feral 8-9 week old kitten when we got him, the very first thing he did was bite through my thumb. All the way through. I prefer dogs, always have, still do - but this scared little thing stole my heart, and still with us nearly 3 years later. He is only allowed in certain parts of the house though, and for most of the year spends most of his time roaming/sleeping outside. In winter prefers to be indoors. Only likes fussing when HE wants it, and developed a way of communicating what he wants, loudly. Husband complains that the cat gets more attention than he does. They are absolute monkeys and only loyal to your food, not you really...(I mean the cats, not husbands, but could be the case too?? 😂)
Anyway, on topic, she has gone bizzarely quiet, apart from the stupid PR puff piece about the baby shower ("mini Oscars"??? Give me strength...). They still haven't got their own social media, so I guess any appearances depend on others' outlets, maybe people distancing themselves in the aftermath of the O shitshow?


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Just watched K&W docu on ITV - think they may be hedging their bets which royal to support as a fair amount of shade thrown to the Snarkles it appeared to me. I just love Uncle Gary and the Maison Du Bang Bang is to die for. Off to read back now.
This is my guilty pleasure for today. And I cant bloody wait to watch it !

D’you know what though, that’s how to deal with a slightly out there relative! If Smirkle had invited all of hers, she’d have avoided most of the vilification she got since most people hated and suspected the way she dumped her family more than anything. I just can’t comprehend abandoning your family and it immediately made me turn on her on the wedding day, when I’d been thrilled for Harry beforehand. Gary is obviously a party boy, a slightly grey if not fully black sheep and they love, accept and keep him in the family. And as a result he’s sitting there telling the world how amazing his niece is....
I love uncle Gary, he stood up for Catherine after that awful piece of trash tried to take her down. I contemplated starting a fan club for him.

It was a lovely prog, I loved the embroideress. Had forgotten that there had been riots so close to the time, and that wonderful plump policeman dancing down the road! 10 years ago, we had just bought 2 new sofas from DFS which were delivered literally days before and my mum came round to watch it all with us. The kids were 14 and 12, now they're all grown up and mum died 2.5 years ago. How the hell did that all happen? And K&W had 3 kids and we've still got the sofas... :cool:
Good old DFS! Hugs for your mamma. X

I've noticed how lily white her legs are quite a lot of the time - when you are constantly in the public eye and you obviously fake tan other parts of your body, how can you forget to do your legs?
Cos she's as thick as 2 short planks despite her trying to be a clever little smart arse.
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Is there sight of the original copy of the birth certificate for Archie? Before all the hoohah about the updating of the parents’s names & titles?
As long as the surrogate (alleged) mother correctly registered the birth as her own child & then the copy of the correct birth certificate is presented for the parental order process, no-one is lying.

I assume that any registration documentation around surrogate parental orders is as tightly managed as it is for adoption.
Only a few people would have access to those Govt/GRO records & any breech of confidentiality would break GDPR with hefty/legal sanctions for that perp.

To test the confidentiality of the registration process, my mum applied for a copy of the birth certificate of a child adopted into our extended family. She received by return of post her cheque & a terse formal letter stating that this information would not be available by standard query processes.
This is Archie's original Birth Certificate


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First time poster here. Have read thousands of comments, though obviously have not read all the threads, that would take me months haha, but I've got the general gist of things. So glad I found this place so many people on here (jack Monroe for a start) that I have get a twitch whenever I seem them in the media, thinking, why are you famous, you annoying, lying troglodyte...grrr and after the M&H interview (love the references to orca and some of the other monikers for the chat show queen, you guys are hilarious) although I didn't watch it reading about it all left me enraged..how fecking dare she try to say that this is a racist country, I didn;t even know she was bi-racial till someone pointed it out, and the press was full of nothing but praise and well wishes for her before she married, it is entirely her own actions that have led to people questioning her.

However, I just want to give my opinion on the bump, Archie etc, I do believe she was pregnant, she's way too much of a narc to have let anyone else carry her precious mealticket child. I do think she would use moombumps though, was probably practising with cushions before she was pregnant, carrying that child was important to her, she knew it gave her a solid footing, so being visibly pregnant at all stages of the pregnancy were very important to her, hence the constant clutching.. look, look at me, and me baby bump! I think perhaps they may have used IVF though, just to ensure a timely pregnancy, but yet again I imagine it would def be biologically hers and harry's. I think a lot of the secrecy round his birth was because they were already on the WE WANT OUR PRIVACY mantra, and because meg knew that the british public were very interested, that she had total and complete control over the information, I think that may be the case with the lack of decent photos as well...meg likes to keep the important stuff to herself, she doesnt want anyone putting forward an Archie lookalike that may steal her thunder.

The pictures taken at the polo match, I genuinely think were because she was immensely jealous, of course she could have left Archie at home, there would have been someone to look after him, but she needed to get down there and lay her claim to her man, with his son in tow as that is her main currency.
I agree, the prestige of carrying the Royal Baby would have been of great importance to her.


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Ah, good old loose tea. We used to use that and one day a visitor's crotch goblin wailed " Mammy don't drink that ! It has dirt in it!" DIRT? cheeky lignorant little shit.:mad:
At Uni I kept both loose tea and tea bags because I used to do cup readings for shits n giggles. One of my pals at school had a mammy who did teacup readings and card reading, so I picked up a few things while nebbing in on readings. Enough for party tricks with an ordinary pack of cards or a used teacup with "dirt" in it.
"Is there no beginning to Freda's talents" I hear you cry? 🤪

Hah, our doc advised hubby to use skimmed milk and low fat spreads to reduce his cholesterol, but I'd seen that fat farm show where celebs go to work on a farm and they showed you what 'ingredients' went into those spreads. Weighed it all out and then mixed it, barfx10. Fucking disgusting chemical shite :mad:. Natural fats are the way to go. So I knocked that low-fat-skimmed milk shite on the head. 6 weeks later Doc was very pleased with hubby's check up results and laughed his ass off when hubby said I had him on full fat milk and proper butter.
Fun fact, high cholesterol is hereditary. At least I think that's what I watched on TV. Same in this house give me the pure stuff none of that manufactured shit that even flies won't eat. Good fat diet is the way to go. My nanna lived to 97 she ate fatty home cured bacon, full fat milk, butter eggs and cheese. Drank tea your spoon would stand up in but no sugar. Sugar is the devil. But its MY devil ! 😈


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I'm Irish, and I think we're supposed to be the biggest tea drinkers in world, per capita 😀
Ireland is divided between Lyons and Barry's Tea Brands ☕ and people are fiercely loyal! (Lyons Gold Blend is the only one for me ❤).
I lived overseas for many years and, like most Irish people, craved Irish teabags.
When I lived in the UK, I tried all different types and would buy Punjana, which are Northern Irish, if I spotted them.
When I lived in South Africa, there was a lovely tea brand, called Five Roses.
Sorry for rambling on, I love me cuppa tea 😅
I am Irish and I drink Twining's Lady Grey, black no sugar, my Italian husband and eldest son drink Barry's, white with no sugar and and black respectively. We can now buy Barry's in Australia.

Tea- I'm a bit of a tea whore and drink all types. Traditional English Breakfast, Twinings, PG Tips..I also like Chai tea, Mahgrebi (Moroccan mint), Koshary black tea (Egyptian mint and sugar), fruit tea, green tea with apple or lemon..but I'll shut up now.

Oh, and it's bag > Water > Milk. My narc ex used to put the milk first, it should have been a warning sign!

Re: Tom Bradbury, I saw another good post that I'll share:
I remember Wooton correctly reported on a few stories that turned out to be true, for example Megxit. Not sure if it's gay connections, but he clearly has some connections.

I believe Wooton has very good sources within the royal court for a simple reason. Wooton is gay and about 90% of the male staff that work for the royals are gay. I believe he likely moves in the same social circles as his sources. I believe this story because 1) ITV is clearly pro-Meghan and Harry and 2) for months there have been rumours that someone in the British media was acting as mole for H&M giving them a heads up about major royal stories so H&M could release their own stories to try and steal the spotlight. It's very interesting that H&M always have a announcement or appearance lined up right when a major story breaks. The finger has long been pointed at either Tom Bradby or Chris Ship (both from ITV). I've always assumed it would Bradby over Ship as Ship doesn't really have personal connections to the royals, he just reports on them.
Actually not surprised to hear this.
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