Harry & Meghan #23 Twatwoman and the prisoner of Beverly Ridge.

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Harry: "What's for tea Meg? Can we play the choo-choo game again? Me like beans on toast. Me like it when you put the beans on a spoon like a choo-choo train and my mouth is like a tunnel.

Meg: "Oh fuck off you ginger dimwit, make your own tea. I've got Oprah on the phone. She's holding-out on me the fucking cunt. I want 10 million for the interview, she's holding-out on me for 7.

H: Oh, pweeeze Meggy-weggy. I want beans. Or spaghetti-hoops.

Although I am fairly sick (in mind, not body), the thing that fills my heart with glee is the fact that, love him or loathe him (mostly loathe him), Donald Trump ain't givin' Harry no Green Card anytime soon. Meghan, true to form, slagged-off the Don vowing never to live in America whilst he was at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Oh, but again she reneged on that vow. One wonders what other vows she will renege on. Although Meghan would hate to admit it, she is very similar to Trump in that she has/had a romanticized view of the British Royal Family. Donald does love pomp and ceremony and our Queen. Meghan did to, untill Liz told her to go do one.

So should we give Harry a free pass with all the: "get a job you entitled thick oaf" stuff? Because technically, as an alien in the US he can't officially work. I lived in the US for a while and I know the immigration rules, one cannot even do voluntary work. That's what made it strange for me when he was prancing around with her indoors giving-out food parcels for operation Angel (or whatever it was called). That's not allowed. Oh and when and if Harry does become a part-time Yank, the IRS will spill all the beans as to his income, ie: The Bank of Daddy.


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Oh bless her.
And you!
And the traumatised Male members of the family.
Cyber tattle hugs across the ether x x x
Its evolution in ac
Maybe something simple.

Harry and Meghan #24 The Beverly Hillbillies, still squatting and twatting.

Not a good idea to use the "m" word honey. It can cause offence and might get you a warning.
Cunt is fine though. As is twat or dick. ;)

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