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I have followed her for a long time. I like her but I do feel that she’s trying to hard to be like some of the bigger accounts by copying them & commenting cheesy comments on all their posts.


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I used to also find her quite endearing, until around the time she went on maternity leave (super early, was signed off sick for weeks) one of her posts popped up on my insta as a sponsored post. I think it’s really sad that (without being rude) women from clearly fairly low income families are spending money to try and get insta famous. Seems like a bit of a setback for feminism being desperate to earn a living through ‘here is a video of me doing a speed clean’ or ‘let’s look at another shit primark haul’


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I do like her but I can feel the ads creeping in and the posed photos, like others I feel she will probably lose her genuinity soon. She has had to ask on her stories for people to go onto her ad post and like it (presumably for her to get paid).. I just think a good ad will speak for itself, not because you’ve asked for people to like it!
I used to like Jade when she lived with her mum. Since shes moved in with her fella they’ve both piled on the weight and dont seem to want to do much about it.

I know how it is - I put a lot of weight on when I was first with my partner but soon got myself into check.

The other thing infuriating about Jade is as soon as she moved to Liverpool, she put on this fake scouse accent!


Has anyone else watched the holiday vlogs? Every time that little boy is in shot he’s either stuck in front of the iPad or playing by himself whilst his parents lay there letting him get on with it!

Just made me a little bit sad considering it’s supposed to be a family holiday, spend some bloody time with your child!


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All for body confidence but I’m not a fan of her style at all, also she must be doing well at YouTube and insta to afford all these huge hauls!

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