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I'd not heard of her before but saw her mentioned in the Family Fizz thread.

I can't believe the way she was talking about selling them, 'at the end of the day they are living creatures and stuff' but because they have 'rare' coat colours she might price them up? Also doesn't how much she's going to sell them for yet so she doesn't sound like someone with experience in breeding?

I'm not a pug fan in general but the fact she's bred them and is documenting it all, made pugs her brand etc when they have soo many issues and there's so many in rescues now due to people not understanding the issues or being able to afford all the surgeries is kind of gross.
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Anyone else watching her? Today she put up Instagram stories about how one of the puppies she’s bred is having trouble walking and needs physio and has set up a go fund me asking subscribers to donate to pay for it. A bit rich considering she was talking about how these puppies are going to be really expensive because of their colouring. So she wants a huge profit and other people to pay their medical bills.

Though why anyone would breed pugs knowing how many issues they can have in the first place I guess says a lot about her so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.
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Why has she started talking in third person, and take a shot everytime she says ''like''


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Few things I want to address about Haz.

Firstly, how does she afford everything you see in her videos? Obviously the big house is understandable as it’s in the countryside so would be cheap enough. It’s all the makeup, clothes, fancy house decorations, etc that I wonder about. She has no job and says she hasn’t a lot of money but her possessions speak otherwise. Micky just focuses on making Shepherd’s huts for a living.

Secondly, Harriette says she doesn’t care about haters, yet every time she receives a nasty comment about herself, her age gap relationship or the pugs, she mentions it in her stories and posts.

Thirdly, I really find her content lacking at times. Younger people don’t always shop online and if they do it isn’t in Shein. She should post H&M, primark, new look, etc halls more often.

I do enjoy her challenges and the rest of her content though. She vlogs ordinary life, cooking, her home, etc. which is what I originally liked about Family Fizz when they lived in Creation station 1.0 and Gran Canaria in 2017.
Anyone else think her relationship with her boyfriend is very strange the way he talks to her it’s more like father and daughter 🤢

His kids are older than her so she could easily be his daughter like I can’t imagine them kissing or anything like it just seems like father and daughter