I really like her, does minimal ads, replies to DMs, is genuine and has documentated her struggles when she isn’t going to the gym, or eating well. Has lost her weight the correct way. I’ve followed her for a long time. Why not be proud of your achievements when you’ve worked hard.


I love her! I struggle to understand why people don’t? Especially when you compare her to so many other big instagrammers...

  • Every post isn’t an AD
  • ADs are clearly things she believes in and uses (MyProtein etc)
  • Replies to every DM
  • Lost weight the healthy way
  • Doesn’t document the highlight real but I find quite honest and inspiring, mental health etc
  • Works hard and doesn’t swan about all the time
I could go on but I think it’s easy to see someone like her and not like her, without seeing her for what she is, instead of an instagrammer, with a large following, a huge weight loss etc


I'm fairly new to following Hannah, but I really like her. She's a positive role model, her cats are cute and not every story or post she does is an ad. She looks great, she really motivates me to keep fit and exercise!