Half of drivers are being dazzled by bright headlights

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Glad this is getting attention. I hate driving at night these days as there are so many bright headlights and law makers have been inept at controlling how bright they should be. You think they're on full beam, but no they're that bright even when dipped.

Then you get those annoying indicators that are animated, should be the law that they all have the same behaviour to just blink.

Half of drivers report they're suffering more from the effect of dazzling headlights than they were a year ago, according to the latest RAC survey, with 70% of drivers saying some headlights are so bright they are an accident risk. This perception is backed up by government data, which states that dazzling headlights are a factor in around 300 collisions a year.
Glare caused by the headlights of oncoming vehicles is a problem experienced by about 16.1 million UK drivers; 91% of those responding to the survey RAC said that some or most car headlights are too bright, and 54% say they are dazzled more often now than a year ago.
RAC spokesperson Pete Williams said: "The dazzling effect of another driver’s headlights isn’t just uncomfortable – in some cases it can be nothing short of dangerous, making us lose sight of the road for a short time."
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I thought it was just my eyes, so got anti glare glasses but they didn’t help. I’ve seen a petition floating around somewhere. It’s not just annoying but actually pretty terrifying to be momentarily blinded when passing cars at night, especially on unlit roads.
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I hate those scrolling indicators, they should flash, also hate how they are thin lines.

More often now I have to flick the rear view mirror onto the antiglare position as the led headlights are so intense!

Also some LED lights are blue tinged, horrid! Give me ambient yellow!
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Yes, I hate driving at night because of this. At first I thought it was due to my eyesight getting worse with age but my teenager says he’s the same.
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I thought it was my eyesight because I'm long sighted with a astigmatism which according to my optician makes headlight glare worse for me than the normal peoples! I don't really need my glasses to drive in the day but I really struggle at night even with them on. Rubbish! Hate it when motorways have those sections without lights, that's the worse!
Have to say my car is guilty of both of theses! o_O
It is really frustrating but equally I find the ability to see more on the road (I drive a lot of country roads at night with no lights) really helpful, I have had many cars in my time and have often found full beam on my older cars no adequate enough and it’s actually really daunting not being able to see ahead properly on poor roads.

There is no happy medium though, they’re either too bright or not bright enough i Have found.

My car dazzles everyone and I have the lights pointing towards the floor On the lowest setting, I can’t change it unfortunately it’s how the car was made.
Yes I find most lights really dazzling these days. Especially if an offending car is behind me, I have to flick my rear view mirror then adjust my wing mirrors down as well. Hate it.
I hate it too I work afternoons and evenings as a carer and in winter it’s especially bad I don’t know why some headlights are so bright. I also thought it was my eyesight but it’s nothing to do with it just lights are too dazzling nowadays 😒
I hate this. It’s one the reasons I rarely drive at night anymore. It also doesn’t help cars seem to be higher up now, or around me there are thousands of Range Rover type cars anyway so the lights sit higher up and go directly into my face in my polo.
Sure, i hate riding at night time due to this. At the start i thought it become because of my eyesight getting worse
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