Hair extensions or no hair extensions?

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Hi everyone

Bit of a different post for me but looking for general advice. Ive been wearing sewn in hair extensions for around 3 years. The last year or so ive really gone off them, the faff, the effort to dry and not to mention the cost. I took them out, but had to cut my own hair to my shoulders because it was damaged at the ends. Im so upset because i cant get used to the length, especially when im used to the extensions.

im going on holiday at the end of June, and i am taking vitamins etc in the hope my hair will grow considerably before then.
Has anyone wore there extensions on holiday? Did you still go in the water? Any tips?

i know i could use clip ins but my natural hair is so thick i need alot in to make it look natural.

sorry for the long post but any advice would be appreciated!
I have thin hair so always had extensions to make it look and feel thicker. I had them sewn in as well. I had them taken out when I found out I was pregnant last year...but now my baby is 4 months and my hair is falling out so I’ve bought clip ins and just using these when I go out anywhere. There were around £240 but at least They will last me a long time. There beauty works double drawn and they are so thick!! Why don’t you just see how you go for a few months without extensions. Then make a decision after you have tried it out. I know how you feel, extensions give me so much confidence it’s so weird as it’s just hair xx