Grazing tables

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Since when did the good old fashioned buffet become a grazing table? All they do is add some slates or chopping boards or wooden crates and some fresh flowers.
I quite like it 😂 the word buffet makes me think of sweaty potato salad in cling film at a wake!!
Grazing table definitely sounds a bit wanky, but god it looked tasty. I could have spent all day eating it!
They look good but my anxiety worries that as soon as someone picks up a bunch of grapes the whole lot is going to tumble to the floor.
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Grazing tables...
for when granny and uncle john get too old for shimming around the buffet so you put them out to pasture at the grazing table 🤨

I’m getting farm animal vibes 😬
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It’s just a pretentious term for a buffet, with less foil platters of sausage rolls and more open jars of olives and hand-tied bunches of tulips.
Using this term gives venues a good excuse to charge an extra £10 a head to people gullible enough to think that they are getting something special.
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It's the fresh cut flowers complete with earwigs etc that gives me the fear.
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