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Grace: Off on my 8th WORK trip of the year!! Thank god it's not to a small business town in England with nothing to do, my WORK trips can only be to Paris, Dubai, Barcelona and other famous vacation spots. Once I land, I'll do a quick WORK sh*t, answering emails in the toilet, I'll then be whisked away to a little WORK bottomless brunch and cocktails, where I'll be working, I'll then do a quick CEO/Business siesta and power down for 5 hours, while dream strategising, I'll awake fully refreshed and off to a BIZ MEETING in the hottest night club in the town. After drink-scaping the next few months of TaLa, I'll land back to the 5 star conference suite to write a few notes that will be fundamental to shreddys business model. I'll wake at 1pm to a gifted WORK lunch in a fancy restaurant in the centre of town. After so much WORK, I'll probably take the day off and plan my next Vacation (god I need it) but all day I'll be taking calls on the beach, in my business bikini and drinking on the clocktails, so while it looks like I'm tanning on the beach to the outside eye, it's really a deep rested business mindset reset. I'll probably need a day off tomorrow as well, actually, I'll WORK clear my calendar until I need to take my WORK flight back to WORK. *ad/gifted*


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The stories of them all lounging around that gigantic gaudy mansion are so icky. The whole event is more extravagant and expensive than most people's weddings, yet all of this is just for Montana's birthday - just the kind of excess and narcissism that influencers are all about. Hiring a villa to celebrate your birthday isn't enough, they have to hire a mega mansion that costs more than the average person's annual salary to rent for a week. How classic that a few years ago Grace was retweeting stuff like "eat the rich", and now she's flaunting her stay in this tacky gilded palace. Amazing how she has somehow crafted an image for herself as a sustainable and socially conscious influencer when she is just as obsessed with money and luxury as the rest of them.


Not Grace blaming her ‘battle scar’ on the NHS after care team. No hun, it was because you continued to work out in tight clothing and barely looked after it.
Also genuinely can’t believe she thinks TALA/Shreddy would be successful without her influencer status…


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Loool, I’ll spill
When Zack was in England before he moved to France permanently, I was one of the many girls he hooked up with.
The irony is he told me he hates social media influencers/girls who spend their entire life on insta so when I found out he got with grace whos literally the definition of pretentious annoying fake influencer I was really surprised.
I got the vibes he neglected his dog by always leaving him by himself and he also came across as a bit stingy despite being well off. So I guess the fact that grace is a millionare made him look past that she’s apparently everything he hates!


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She’ll say something like:

“I find it sad that I’m barely given any time to do something before someone tries to pull me up for not doing it. I’ve actually been on holiday (which I fucking deserve, I work so hard and I have earned time to relax and enjoy myself) so forgive me for not posting immediately. I share information so constantly about climate change and emissions and I have a whole company whose fucking USP is sustainability lol

“Anyway, I appreciate the sentiment but I feel like I have to do so much more than the average person just to prove myself. Please unfollow me if you still feel like I’m not doing enough 🤗” *immediately blocks the person before they can even see the reply*


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Don't hate me but I came across a pair of new Tala skinluxe shorts on Depop for £9 and was intrigued so I bought them (no money going to Jeffrey Grezos). I've talked on here a few times about their ridiculous sizing and how even though I'm an 8-10/small i rarely fit into Tala size medium so here's the proof. Pink ones are my holy grail Sweaty Betty power shorts (size SMALL) and grey ones are Tala skinluxe (size MEDIUM).

The fact that the brand only goes up to size XL combined with their already tiny sizing is shocking

Grace's comment about "only having 100k" followers when launching Shreddy is inconsistent with previous stories. She boasted in a podcast interview about how she made thousands of pounds from her first exercise PDF guide that she knocked together in a night because she had a great social media following. You can't boast about making more money than most people make in years off the back of minimal effort, and then claim to be successful due to hard work.

Although, you know what, I think her businesses might well have succeeded because a) she has close connections to top notch business advice (e.g. her own dad) and investors, b) she can afford to take financial risks that others can't (side note - did you know that a gap year IBM internship is so well-paid, it will see you through university?), and c) didn't Gen Flow have a part in all of this, or am I misremembering??
Apologies for the double post, but I wrote this in the last thread and after reading that story with my mouth open, I thought I better post it in here as well. I think the majority here know the truth of the companies but just incase anybody feels annoyed or are genuinely running their own small businesses, please don't listen to stories like that:

I don't know if it's been brought up recently but thought I'd share some explanation of Grace and her companies, after again claiming she works so hard and is a full time CEO to 2/3 different, extremely successful companies. I just find it extremely disingenuous and harmful.

Let's imagine that anybody (use yourself as the example) made a viral post on instagram and suddenly woke up with a million followers. Loyal followers who trust what you say and look up to you.
A large company realises you have a large, impressionable audience and email you and say "We create companies for people who have an audience, let's talk."
You have a meeting and they say, "Look, you have a million followers, we want to create a jewellery line for you. We have all the contacts, we have the manufacturing, we have the supply, we have the factories, we have the designs and we have the brand and logo all ready. You'll be the CEO and you can make decisions, but we'll do everything for you, the product, the marketing, the shipping, and we'll split the profits 50/50, how does that sound?"
You don't know much about jewellery, but.. this sounds perfect. You get to own a company, you get everything done for you and you can promote it on your page and make a ton of money, so deal agreed.
You promote your new line, you sell it through huge advertising, scarcity marketing, influencers and you sell out your launch as you have a lot of loyal followers who couldn't wait to buy it.
You are now the CEO of a successful jewellery company. You didn't need to do anything. You and a larger company profited off your impressionable and loyal audience and they got a product and to support someone they look up to. Everybody wins.
The next launch is next month. There is a meeting to discuss the colours of the next pieces of jewellery, they present you with some options. (Business meetings!!!) The options are blue, gold, red, silver. You choose silver and red. You are now a CEO who is making decisions and who is running the company. You upload to social media how hectic it is and how you have meetings and emails and so much to do. It's time for a holiday.
You promote the next launch again and it sells out.
You win a business award for your successful company.
The larger company is earning a lot of money from you and your audience, so they want to keep you 100% happy. They give you teams to talk to, they throw you parties and send you gifts. You can be as involved as you want to be. You can do nothing. You can be cc'd into every email. You can go on holiday for 6 months. The work is being done, the products are being created and marketed and sold either way. Though as it's your audience, it's helpful if you post. You are as busy as you want to be. You can portray your company and involvement however you want on social media.

That's basically the formula for these influencers and their brands. Some take the 'entrepreneur' title further than others.

The whole story she posted is basically 100% mistruths, reframing and possibly outright lies. "launch at scale with no experience" again, she is making it sound like she did it by herself. A massive company, who's only job it is, is to launch products was doing everything behind the scenes. "provide customer journeys that wouldn't be expected from a business a few years old" I mean? WTF. A customer expects a high quality product, easy to buy, solid shipping and good customer service. This isn't a 'customer journey', it's how business works and you fail at almost all those areas. Even as someone who understands the behind the scenes stuff, it still makes my head spin. I hope for her sake she really doesn't believe what she's saying.
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