Glasses advice - frames, blue light filter, who to buy from?

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I've finally given in to old age and now have to use glasses for looking at a screen. Finally I don't constantly get aches in my eyes, although probably did some damage stressing my eyes for the last few years 😬

But I still haven't found a good pair of glasses.

Bought a cheap frame from Specsavers as the eye test was free and they're totally useless as I didn't get an anti-reflection coating so terrible to use.

Then bought a nice frame online with a blue light filter and the vision is amazing, but from the second I put them on they start to slip. Bought a second pair with a cheap plastic red frame to keep on me at all times and with an anti reflection coating and they're good, but I miss the blue light filter.

Tried my friends flexiable frameless glasses and they were amazing, so light and don't slip. Went into Specsavers to get a pair so I don't waste time with online ones that don't fit (false economy) but Specsavers don't do a blue light filter. Apparently Specsavers say there's no evidance it works, even though a leaflet in their shop says to adjust the temperature of screens to reduce blue light to reduce strain 🤪

I guess it's tricky to prove that blue light filters make a difference, but blue light is known to be damaging and a slight reduction over many years is very likely to good for eyesight health.

Now I'm back to square one!

Sorry for the long confusing thread, just wondering if there's any online shops with a light weight frame that someone recommends. Or if anyone else is convinced blue light filters are good? They make the temperature of screens so much better. I now hate not using my blue light filter glasses.
The frame brands you want for lightweight , durable and rimless / semi rimless are Silhouette or Lindberg. There will be others too. They are pricey but will last. I'd go to an independent opticians to get the best advice on frames and lenses, try them on and discuss your needs. Independent opticians aren't tied to one lens company like specsavers so they will be able to obtain blue light filter lenses for you.
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Vision express do blue light. But I’ve had problems with their service in general.

I know they do blue light as they added it to mine and I don’t use glasses for vdu!!!

But as @AlanTitchmarsh says try an independent optician
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Ah thanks so much, I didn't even think about trying to find an independent opticians 🤭

Really didn't like Specsavers as the assistant was pretty rude and hate all this buy one get one free stuff. Just price them fairly. I imagine vision express are the same.

I really do like the blue light filter, makes everything a bit warmer even when reading a book
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Just seen this - sounds like you just need the legs adjusted on the second pair you like to stop them slipping. Depending on the frame an optician can heat up the legs of the frame and curl the legs in a bit so will tuck better behind your ears to stop them slipping down your nose.

Only problem is because you bought online an optician might not do it to a frame you didn’t get from them. Worth a try save you buying another pair.
I got mine from somewhere called Ollie Quinn - there’s a shop near me - I absolutely love them. They are online too but not cheap.
I use Specsavers for my eye test and then ask them to write down my prescription and measurements.
I've used online places, the ones where you can try before you buy the frames are so easy and really handy.
Eyewear brands were my last place of purchase. I got a cracking Dior pair with all the gubbins for £120.
I’ve always used I dependent opticians to tighten my frames. Have never had anyone refuse. But I mainly use my local one now. We have two in the local High Street, no chains. I have always got glasses from independents. I don’t know anything about blue light lenses.

I did see an interesting looking frame shop at the bottom end of Regent Street, Near Piccadilly, on the left hand side if you are walking up from Piccadilly. The frames were lightweight and not overly expensive. My local optician would certainly do the lenses if you came in with a frame not bought from them and I’m in the SE London area.
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