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So Georgie just got majority of the expensive baby items gifted to her… does this piss anyone else off? Like she has enough bloody money to buy her own baby items yet gets it all for free. An actual bloody kick in the face to mothers/families that cannot afford to buy brand new items for their baby. 😡😡
Makes me so goddamn mad. That’s thousands of dollars of products she got !!!


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Can't wait to watch her freak out about 'bouncing back' post baby like Sarah's day did 🙄
Be so embarrassing for these poor kids growing up seeing their mums naked bodies all over the internet.
Nah Georgie won't do this as blatantly as sarah did. It'll be endless stories about not caring or something and then feeling more herself. She doesn't talk about weight anymore because its more trendy not



Imagine being that much of a sell out that you shrill Coca Cola while heavily pregnant.

Don't get me wrong, I love a Diet Coke. But I just feel like this does not fit her brand/image and it's clear she did it just for the money.
just a friendly reminder that anytime we purchase Georgies “manifesting” bulls hit or something using Georgies affiliate links, from NH, or her discount codes, we’re literally paying for her luxury Hermes shoes, Porsche, Merc, $2million Palm Beach house and more.

she didn’t manifest shit. She’s just a smart business woman who sucks women in who give her their money.


Love that there’s a tattle for Georgie!

I started following her when I was first going through IVF. She was always a bit annoying with her complete oblivion to her privilege, and it was hard hearing her complain about the cost of IUI and IVF when she has a fucking Porsche. But I always put it down to her being a bit… slow.

I recently listened to her fertility JoURney ✨ (cause it’s always a journey), and she said she manifested her babies!! Both her miscarried one and her current baby. She went on to say that manifesting is not just wishing but being PROACTive (hustle babe), and she got fertility testing etc early cause she so proactive (usually 1 year of ttc before seeing a fertility specialist I think they were 8 months). Her first IUI was cancelled and the second one worked. She then brings up manifesting, and hustling 🤮.

I am not sure if she is just oblivious but she was just LUCKY. There’s a success rate around 30% with no known issues. She was on the right side of the stats and she was lucky. I hate that she has now started putting baby emojis on her manifesting course and rainbows after talking about manifesting her baby.

It makes me so angry as when you’re doing fertility treatments you spend so much money, and people would fall prey to her scam manifesting course. She then goes on to get gifted everything she needs for her baby after spending hardly any money (comparative to the average person) on fertility treatment, and tells people to pay for her BS course, which in turn pays for all her shit. The fact that she can’t see her privilege and puts it down to hard work makes my blood boil.

Lol sorry massive long first rant post 😆. Just off now to manifest myself some baby clothes and a snoo 😆
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