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I had a look to see if there’s a thread on Georgie. I normally do like her and her content, but her most recent video (a rant on #ad) rubbed me up the wrong way.

I think she got some grief for doing an Instagram ad and to be fair Georgie doesn’t do loads of ads so I can understand her frustration, some influencers do three times as many and don’t seem to get the same grief.

What annoyed me was the playing the martyr. She mentioned sometimes not being able to do a food shop because money is so tight. If your financial situation is that insecure then it might be an idea to prioritise feeding your daughter and have a few less animals to feed and care for (especially horses which cost a fortune). She chooses to have those animals and therefore pay for them?! Also her point about how she does 4/5 hours a day less work for clients just to reply to comments and emails. Again, nobody is forcing her to do this. She has clearly decided to put more time into social media and therefore accept ads to pay for that, and that’s fine, but with that will come criticism for the ads, it’s a given. If you can’t handle the heat get out of the kitchen.

Ok that’s my rant over! otherwise I do like her especially her thrift Tuesday series. I don’t think it ever comes across well when online people do these rants about ads..


I was waiting for someone to make a thread! I've been watching her for quite a few months and am on the fence as well. I love looking at her cottage, the countryside and the animals (I'm in the US) but I think she features her child a bit too much. I understand that if you're devoting time to your instagram and youtube then it's preferable to make money for that time but we as the audience are not obligated to overlook or enjoy forced AD content.


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I had never heard of her but I’ve just had a look and she’s not even declaring them properly. #ad is hidden at the end so... she will get some moaning won’t she!


So I guess her response to the comments about her ads is to do more -not properly marked - ads. Sigh. I really liked her at first. And she does seem to ramble more on her vlogs. She seemed to have the camera angle too close to her face throughout the last one.


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I've watched her for a few years, I used to like her. The way her daughter screams st her, she barely seems to say a word other than ‘Arabella’s tired’

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