Genuinely helpful self help books

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Real talk: I am feeling a little stuck and lacking purpose. There are so many self help books out there - can you recommend the ones that have genuinely helped you and how?
I really really love gala darlings book and for a dsting/relationship book.. Why men love witches is fantastic xx
- The Chimp Paradox by Dr Steve Peters
- Finding Your Element by Ken Robinson
- Why Men Love witches and Why Men Marry witches
- The Confidence Gap by Russ Harris
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I've just started ' A Woman In Your Own Right' by Anne Dickson. It's a handbook about assertiveness written with women in mind (but also relevant to men). Only on the first few chapters but it's very good, and I'm not a big reader of self help books.
Gretchen Ruben is ace. Try her happier stuff. And the four tendencies is extremely interesting.
I really enjoyed happy by Derren brown , it's not your usual type of self help book but I guess that was the point
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