Gem Stafford

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Seriously, what's with her nose. I need answers. It's just so odd
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Are you speaking about Gemma Stafford the chef from BIGGER BOLDER BAKING channel?
Reviving the thread to say what’s with pushing her tongue up behind her teeth all the time 🤔 is it some photo trick to make you look better?
in general please can the tongue be put away ✋

another broad in need of dissolving her lip filler, the migration! In my opinion she looked fine a few years back!


Used to really rate her but have recently been put off more and more with her political commentary. Specifically regarding Kyle Rittenhouse. I guess this is a wider issue with certain influencers who have to pander to their “lefty” audiences but it’s somewhat embarrassing the lack of any research they do and blindly just repost click bait or wildly inaccurate content.

Saying all this, still think she’s incredibly attractive. Not sure about her fella….? Didn’t really see that as a likely couple but 🤷‍♂️
Pleased to see this thread. She’s had an op in Turkey on her nose (of course it was the WORST case they’d ever seen, yawn). One person questions it, not even in an insulting way and wished her well and she goes OFF! Telling 100k people that this person has dared to question the reason behind her surgery. I’m sorry, but when you’re in a position of influence, making money from ads and affiliate links, your public actions matter. People are allowed to ask questions, whether you feel they deserve an answer or not. All she had to write was something like, ‘thank you for your concern and I do take it on board (re going against the whole body pos message if it WAS for vanity only), but it was actually due to breathing problems.’ She gets more fawning comments on one post than most people get in a year. One message going against the grain and she’s reacting like this, the self obsessed melt. And while she’s fixing her face, she should sort those awful fillers in her lips, chin and jaw- starting to resemble Kryton.
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Whoa whoa whoa, off to check her account I go ! Breathing problems surejan.gif 🙄😂😂

P.S yes, totally self obsessed and the fillers 😖😖😖
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I did find it also strange how much she went off on the seemingly genuine follower who took the time the message her somewhat respectfully. I just put it down to the drugs she was on or pain 🤷‍♀️
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Yes, the one dissenting voice in a sea of enablers and she’s off making stories about it. Narc central
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After she’d put the pics of her septum up I could see why that might be for medical reasons but let’s face it, the rhinoplasty part is for cosmetics only isn’t it 🤷‍♀️ Why try and smokescreen it, we can all see what her nose looked like before . You either like yourself or you don’t, learn to accept it either way.
I hope someone else is on Desperate Dan chin watch. What the duck is she doing adding literally an inch to her chin?! It’s not like she didn’t have one. Plus now very clear bunny lines on her nose from excessive Botox. She’s only mid thirties and I dread to think how much she has spent/will continue to spend on her face between now and old age?!
Also, as well as bunny lines, lip, chin/jaw watch, I’m on parting watch 😮 I would be seriously concerned about hair loss if my parting was an inch wide at the front??